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We got our Christmas Tree

We finally just got our Christmas tree. We went to Walmart at first to check for the live tree but unfortunately they were all out. So, hubby and I decided to go to the place where the boyscouts sell live Christmas tree. They still have a lot of trees for sale, hubby and I look around and check for the trees and picked the best one for us. For $55 dollars we got our own live Christmas tree. Hubby and his son just done putting it up near by the window. For now, the tree has nothing on it but tomorrow we will start putting on the decorations around it.

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Hubby's Dental Appointment

We just got home from hubby's dental visit. They put a crown on his one tooth and it went pretty ok. Hubby always doesn't like going to the dentist. He always get nervous everytime he has his teeth done. I guess he had a bad experience going to the dentist when he was young that's why he always felt that way. But he was able to overcome his fears. Good job honey, it wasn't that bad at all right?


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First Snow of the Year

We got our first snow of the year last night here in the grand valley. Although it had been snowing in the mountains but it never reach us until last night. Hubby and I thought that the weather forecast would be wrong since when we were outside we saw this bright and big moon in the sky. After couple of hours I told hubby that we need to let the dogs out (Lexi and Bandit) to go potty. When opened the door to my surprised it has been snowing already. I got so excited to see the snow on the ground. The dogs got so hyper too that they played in the front yard running and chasing each other. Lexi was a purebred golden retriever and she just had her shower earlier that day got so dirty that we have to give her another bath that night. As with Bandit, he doesn't look that bad because it won't show how dirty he was since he is a Black dog ( Golden Retriever-New Foundland mix).


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I'm 10 weeks preggy

Yes, I'm at my 10 weeks of pregnancy today. So far, so good because I don't feel any morning sickness yet. I hope it will continue to be this way. I just feel nauseous everyday but not to the point of vomiting. I also get tired right away and feel so sluggish and lazy. Although I have Sciatic nerve pain but I can bear the pain. My tummy is already showing even if I'm only 10 weeks. Hubby always tell his children to look at how big my tummy is now. Ha,ha,.... he wants to show off all the time about my pregnancy.

For more information about my pregnancy please visit my other blog My Journey to Momhood.

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Have a great weekend!

It's another weekend! Everything is going well here. Life is good and I have nothing to complain. We have a great weather today except for the cold temperature. We haven't gotten any snow in the valley yet but up in the surrounding mountains like the Grand Mesa it's already covered with snow and it's so pretty looking at the snow cap from here.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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Changing to a different OB-GYN

Hubby has been telling me about finding a new OB-GYN for me. He had thought about getting the doctor that mom and his sister-in-law go to. Hubby also knew this OB-GYN for so long and he wanted me that this doctor will take care of me from now on. I didn't go for this doctor from the beginning because I was hesitant since this OB-GYN was a male doctor and I prefer to have a female OB-GYN to take care of me but hubby trusted this male doctor than the female one that have been taking care of me. So, I told hubby if he feels it right to change my OB-GYN and go for the male doctor then it's up to him that would be fine with me. I know hubby only wants the best for me and wants to make sure that I am in good hands especially when the nurse told us that I might have a C-section once I deliver my baby which hubby also preferred because he is scared that I might have a difficult delivery if I do it naturally since I'm a very tiny and petite. So, he finally called the doctor's office and made appointment with my new OB-GYN on Dec 16th.

Grandfather Clocks

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Sciatic Nerve Pain

I started having pains in my lower back beginning my 8 weeks of pregnancy. I asked my care provider during my second prenatal visit and she said that it's my Sciatic nerve which she said that affects many women during pregnancy. She gave me some do's and dont's to help ease the pain. She said that I should not sit longer than one hour and I should not cross my legs when I sit and that I should make it sure that I stand up and take a walk after each hour of sitting.


On safety glasses

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It's only Thursday not Friday

It's Friday! ha,ha, that's what I thought this morning when I first wrote on this blog. I never realized that it's only Thursday until I talked to hubby on the phone about picking up the children from his ex's place. He was about to picked me up once he gets home then proceed to pick up the children but he phoned his children first and told them we would be a late. Then hubby called me back on the phone and told me we don't have to pick up the boys and I asked him why then he said because it's Thursday. Dang! I lost track of the days.

That's why I have to edit this post that I wrote this morning.


Customized Gift Cards

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During my second prenatal check up, me and hubby talked to the nurse about a lot of things with regards to my pregnancy. She discussed things that I would expect in the following prenatal appointments like blood tests and other kinds of tests that I would be needing in the future to make sure that the baby in my tummy is doing well. She also had with her some papers filled-ip after every information she asked from me regarding me and hubby's health history and family's health background. Before we left the clinic the nurse handed me a bag full of freebies and I was so excited to see what was inside the bag. I just love free stuffs.

Below are the freebies I got during my 2nd prenatal visit.

brochures and phamplets

magazines and a book

pregnancy diary, baby milk and other stuffs

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It's my birthday!

It's Dec 2nd and it's my birthday. I'm glad hubby took the day off from work to be able to spend time with me the whole day. We started our morning with opening the bag full of birthday presents from Mom Janie (my dearest mom-in-law). Hubby took some pics of those stuffs that I got from mom. I loved everything that mom gave me, she is very thoughtful and loving. I should say that I have the best and awesome mom-in-law and I feel that she's a blessing from God aside from hubby.

Add Image


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Christmas is in the air.....

Photo by allthingschristmas.com

Just started feeling the Christmas air when I began hearing Christmas jingles and Christmas songs over the radio right after Thanksgiving day. I have been waiting and hoping to hear Christmas songs in FM radio stations since the beginning of September because I'm used to hearing those kind of songs early in the morning as early as September back when I was in the Philippines. Now, I get more excited as I hear these Christmas songs over the radio often throughout the day.


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Prenatal Check Up

Yesterday was my second prenatal check up. It was just meeting with a nurse since I will see my OB-GYN on my third appointment in December. The nurse just filled up some paperworks and asked me and hubby's health background and family's health background. It was quiet a long visit as she also explained a lot of things that I should be expecting in my next prenatal check ups. She gave me a lot of brochures that I could read at home to help me get informed in my pregnancy. She also recommeneded me to have blood test done to check for HIV and also have urine check up. before we left the clinic the nurse handed me a bag of free stuffs in it which made me so excited what was in the bag. After we left the clinic we headed right away to the laboratory clinic for my blood and urine tests. Thank God we were just in time before they closed at 5:30 in the afternoon.

So, everything seems doing pretty good on my 8 week pregnancy.

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Dentist Appointment

We were able to visit with our dentist today. Hubby made the appointment and everything were taken cared off. My dentist did a thorough cleaning on my teeth as well as hubby's too. Since it is our annual dental check up. I'm glad hubby has the dental insurance which pays off 80% of the dental work done for hubby and 50% for mine. I would say even if we have insurance and our insurance paid 80% and 50% it still sure cost a lot to go to the dentist.

Discount Couches for Sale

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Better sleep last night

I have not been sleeping good the past days. My OB-GYN told me that it's normal to feel that way. I usually get up in the middle of the night to go the bathroom and pee but then when I get back to bed it's so hard to fall asleep again. Finally, last night I was able to sleep better even though I woke up in between but was able to get back to sleep and I knew I slept better because I had dreams but can't remember them anymore when I wake up in the morning. So, I feel good today.


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My Body Guard

I am mostly by myself in the house when hubby is at work all day. I'm glad that I have Bandit in the house who is always around everywhere I go. He is like my body guard because he always follow me anywhere I go even in the bathroom, he would go with me. To him it's a pleasure to be around with me as his mommy. I was doing laundry downstairs and as usual every time I go to the laundry room he would be walking down the stairs behind me and lay down on the stairs facing the laundry room just like what he did in the photo below. He would wait there until I'm ready to go back upstairs. He is totally glued with me, if I would go out from the house without him he would bark all the time and will only stop if you let him out too or if you get back in the house.

Nationwide Phone Look Up

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Temperature at 42 F

It's really cold outside at 42 F to me it's almost freezing. I'm almost 2 yrs here in the US and still I'm not use to the cold. Everyday it gets colder and colder as winter is getting nearer and nearer. I just came from getting the newspaper and the mails from our mailbox and I was already shaking because of the cold. I'm already wearing 3 pieces of clothes on top and yet I could still feel the chill. The cold is one of the things I don't like living in this country but I have to get over it.

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Food Storage

Hubby and I have been filling up our storage room with foods and other essential stuffs when unexpected emergency and disaster comes. He wanted to make sure that we have enough supply of foods for everyone in the family when there are no longer foods available in the stores. Hubby might sound paranoid about it but let's face the reality that it could happend. What if trucks that deliver foods to Walmart and other big grocery stores stop running to deliver these foods? or What if a disaster (hurricane, snow storm, earthquake) strikes in your place and you are stuck in your house and you have nowhere to go but stay in your house for safety for several days? Do you have enough food to consume for the whole family? or What if you lose your job and can't find one and you don't have any savings to buy foods? What if everyone in your place is adviced to evacuate and leave the city? Are you ready to leave right away? Do you have your 72 hour emergency kit ready? Bottom line is are you prepared when emergency strikes? Hubby and I are trying to prepare ourselves to be ready when things go wrong. Below are the pics of the stuffs we have in our food storage. We bought most of our stuffs at Sam's Club because they are cheaper when you buy them by bulk. We have different kinds of canned goods and other foods that will be useful till 2010. We also store toothpaste, shampoo, soap and hand sanitizer and other essential stuffs that we need for the house and for us to survive. Aside from these hubby also bought each member in the family a backpack full of essential stuffs which we call our 72 hr emergency survival kit which we will take with us in case we needed to evacuate our place right away. We have been counselled by our church leaders to have at least 3 months of food supply at home for emergency purposes.

Some stuffs we started filling up in one of the children's closet. The cat is not included in the food storage, she is just being nosy.

This is another food storage we have in the same room, this is our old storage room. We still need to sort the stuffs we have in this storage and check the foods that are about to expire so we could use them and replace them with new ones.

A 50 gallon container filled with clean water, we have two of these in the house.

Home Tanning Beds

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It's Friday!

Time flies by so fast, it's Friday again! I am on 7 weeks and 6 days of my pregnancy. Feels good so far except for being nauseous every now and then. Oh, last night I had a terrible craving for green mango. I told hubby I want green mango but just had to deal my cravings without it because we can't find any green mango. This is America no green mango that taste as good as the Philippines'. I was sad last night and just laying in the couch imagining myself eating the crunchy green mango dipping in salt before taking each bite. Geeze! now I'm craving more and more. Hubby tried to cheer me up and said well, there's the internet let see if we could find green mango online. Then he checked, he found a lot of websites about "Green Mango" and one of them is called "Green Mango Real Estate" toink! So, in short hubby never found any website that sells green mango. Then he asked me what else I would want to eat so he could fix it for me. He was checking at the fridge and into the freezer and found Cod fish in a packet. He fried it for me and heat up my rice which I always have in the fridge then served my dinner. Hubby is very good when it comes to cooking, he likes it a lot and would want to cook foods for me all the time. He always ask me what I would like to eat and if I want him to cook it for me.

Isn't he so sweet? I love you honey, thanks for everything!


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Since I passed my CNA assessment test and I’m now a certified nurse aide I really wanted to start looking for a job but I am hesitant to do so because I’m pregnant right now and still on my first trimester. I am scared that I might get so stressed out if I start working and would affect my pregnancy especially that I had a history of miscarriage last year. So, I’m thinking about finding a job later when my first trimester is over. Hubby also encourage me to continue my education and proceed to the LPN or RN program. Since I am pregnant right now maybe I could just get an online degree in Nursing. It will probably help me make the most of my time while waiting for my baby to get deliver and when I have my baby since I will be at home most of the time taking care of my baby I could still continue finishing my online degree. I know healthcare professions are in demand and pays higher which is really very helpful if I want to have a financial security in the future.

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Update on my Nursing Aide Assessment Test

I took my National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) examination to get Certified as a Nurse Aide last Nov 15, 2008 and I am so glad that I passed both exams written and skills. My CNA license will be sent in the mail within ten days from the time I took my exam. Hubby was so proud and happy that I am now certified.

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Gas price at $1.84 a gallon

I went to hubby's work place this morning to get his pay check and then deposited it to the bank. As I drove towards Redlands Parkway Drive I looked at the prices of Gas at a gasoline station where we always get our gas for the vehicles and to my surprise it went down to $1.84 per gallon. Yesterday the price changed twice from $1.89 to $1.86 per gallon. Hubby have been filling up all his 5 gallon containers and stored them in our garage because the prices of gas has been dropping continueosly and we don't know if after all of these it will go up again. Hubby is just being cauteous and tried to make the most out of the cheapest gas he can get.


Christmas Celebration

Christmas day is getting closer and closer. Christmas season is my most favorite time of the year. Everytime I hear just even the Christmas jingles or songs and see all those Christmas decorations in the malls and stores I get more excited. It’s going to be my second year celebrating the season here in the U.S. and I am thinking about how are we going to celebrate it this year. Last year was just a very simple one, we didn’t prepare much with food because hubby was working that time and I didn’t know what to cook for Christmas eve so we just had a very simple dinner and woke up in the morning with hubby, me and the children taking turns opening our Christmas presents. This year’s Christmas is gonna be a lot more different since hubby will have his day’s off we will surely be preparing some Christmas Foods to make it more special. I’m starting to search for good recipes to cook for Christmas Eve and I stumble with www.celebrations.com which gives a lot of ideas and information on different Christmas Food recipes, party ideas and tips not only for Christmas season but for any occasions to celebrate. It’s definitely the best site to check if you are looking for the best ideas and information when it comes to celebrating any parties for your families and friends.


Visiting with Parents-in-law

Mom and Step-dad came to town and invited me and hubby to meet them for lunch at the International Buffet. We had a good visit with them and had a good lunch too. Then we parted our ways as they went to Sam's Club and hubby and I went to Wal-Mart to check for electric heater that we could use to keep the each of the children's bedroom coz hubby and I decided not to use our central heater for the house since it uses gas and it's gonna jump our energy bill if we use it especially during winter season. It would be cheaper to use electric heater instead. So, we got 3 electric heaters for 3 bedrooms and hopefully our energy bill won't be as high as it was last year.

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Visit webhostingreport.com now, compare each web hosting company and when you find the right one for you just click on the “visit” link to sign up.

It's getting colder and colder each day

Yes, it's getting colder and colder each day as winter is getting closer and closer. Yesterday, The Grand Mesa received a lot of snow. Hubby and I were driving on I-70 going to Murdochs to get some stuff and as we were heading our way, we saw thick dark clouds on top of the Grand Mesa which seemed like storm and we saw a lot of snow on the mountains. When we got to Murdochs hubby went into the store, I stayed in the truck because I don't like going out since it's so cold outside and while waiting for hubby inside the truck little flakes of snow fell on the truck's windshield but it melted right away. I thought we gonna have some snow in the valley yesterday but thanks God it didn't. Well, I like to see it snowing but I just don't like the cold.

Friendship Flower

My friend Fe shared this friendship meme. Thanks a lot for being a friend and for sharing this inspiring thoughts!

Start copying here:
Here are the rules for this tag;
1.) Copy the badge and put it on your blog,
2.)Link back who pass you this tag,
3.)Spread this tag to at least 7 or more bloggers who you think you are friend with.

And lovely are the blossoms
That are tended with great care,
By those who work unselfishly
To make the place more fair.
And, like the garden blossoms,
Friendship's flower grows more sweet
When watched and tended carefully
By those we know and meet.
And, if the seed of friendship
Is planted deep and true
And watched with understanding,
Friendship's flower will bloom for you.

I'm passing this friendship meme to my other friends in the blogosphere namely Cecile, Bingkee, Myrna, Tess, Roxy, Amor and Chy.


Daylight Saving Time ends tonight

Photo by the Associated Press

It's the last day of daylight saving time so before you go to bed tonight make sure you set your clocks back one hour. The time officially changes at 2 a.m.


Best Binocular for hunting

Hubby is going hunting for elk next week Monday through Wednesday and I will be going with him. He was glad he was able to get 3 days vacation from work. We already know where to go hunting coz we had checked the place yesterday. Today is the first day of the Third hunting season and it’s going to be until next week, Saturday. Hopefully, hubby will be able to get the elk before the three days end. Hubby’s hunting gears are all ready, except for the binocular which I think he needs a better one like Nikon’s All Terrain Binocular which I heard is really best to use for it’s precision optics, great ruggedness and incredible value. Right now, Nikon is giving away gift cards on purchase of Nikon Monarch and Trailblazer Binoculars on their Nikon ATB Promotion. You could get a $50 value of gift card if you buy Monarch binoculars and a $25 if you get either Trailblazer ATB, an Action Extreme ATB, or a ProStaff binocular. Check it out now for more details of the promo which will continue unti December 31, 2008. I better tell hubby about this.

Checking the place for hunting

Hubby wants to hunt elk next week. He already bought a tag to hunt elk from Sportsman's Warehouse and had ask a guy who worked there which place is best to hunt elk. Hubby was told that somewhere in Delta, Colorado is a good place to hunt elk. So yesterday hubby and I drove to Delta to check the place the guy told him so we will be ready for next week, after driving more than 2 hours from main Delta going through the mountain we were able to find the place. We saw some hunters who were already camping out for the weekend to start hunting for the third season.

Here are some pics we took during the ride.

Nice view of the mountains from a distance.

The rocks on top of the hill caught my attention, it's scary coz someone might get hurt if the rock on the very top would roll down the road.

A closer shot of the rocks.

Free range cows walking down the road. It's a mama cow and her baby bull. They were watching us as we parked on the side of the road to eat our packed lunch. They were waiting for us to leave so they could pass by.


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It's Another Week

It's Monday and to most workers it's their first day at work but for hubby it's his Friday today. Tomorrow will start hubby's 3 days off from work and I'm always excited when his off because we spent most of our time outside the house which gives me some break from getting stuck at home. We don't have any plans what we will be going to do for his 3 days off but on Wednesday Mom will be coming over and we'll have lunch together.
Hubby just texted me and said he's boss is going to let him get off at 12 noon since it's his Friday and said if we could go lunch out. Oh yes! I'm ready for lunch.


Skateboards at Warehouse Skateboards

Have you already thought about what present you are going to give to your son or daughter for this coming Christmas? If he or she likes skateboarding why not consider a skateboard for a Christmas present? That’s what one of the Christmas presents hubby’s son received from us and he liked it very much.
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Search Online Degrees at Edvisor.com

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Get together Fil-Am Couples

Fe just called me this morning and invited me and hubby to join her and with her hubby with another Fil-am couple whom they just met to a dinner at her house. She said that the other Filipina she just met have been here for only 4 months and she is a Bisaya too. So I told her I'm going to ask hubby if he would like us to meet them and hubby said he would want to. I called back Fe and told her that we are coming around 5:30 this afternoon. This will be our first time get together Fil-Am couples, looking forward to it.

Find out what is explorer.ex through Application Error

It’s been six months since hubby bought me a new HP laptop and so far it’s working pretty good. We were not really planning to get a new laptop six months ago but the laptop I have been using for two years keep crashing and restarting every time I use it. I didn’t know what was it’s problem until I read an article from application-error.net about explorer.exe keeps crashing and restarting and I found out that explorer.exe is associated with viruses, worms, Trojans (which my old laptop was infected with it couple of months I had been using since I just bought it) malware, and adware. If I would have known that was the reason why my old laptop kept crashing and restarting we could have done something to check on it and probably tried to fix it. Well, it’s not too late yet the information I got today will still be useful in the future.

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PR3 is back

I was surprised to see that my PR3 on this blog is back. I thought something is wrong again with my PR checker so I checked it again and got a PR checker button and it showed that this blog has PR3 again. Well, I don't know how it happens but thanks to Google for giving it back to me.


I found my true love online

Hubby and I will be celebrating our second year wedding anniversary in January 2009. I never thought I would find true love to someone who lived thousands of miles away from the Philippines and I never thought long distance would work but to hubby and me it did. Hubby and I met through an online dating site way back in December 2005. He came to the Philippines to meet me in February 2006. He came back to the US and petitioned me to get my Fiancee Visa. He flew back to the Philippines in January 2007 attended my visa interview at the US Embassy in Manila. Everything worked out perfectly and I got my visa and then we flew together here in the US and got married in January 27, 2007. If not with the online dating site, we would not have met each other and we would never be as happier as we are right now. I know a lot of people who found their true love through dating sites.

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PR3 dropped

Google took away my PR on this blog from PR3 it dropped to "No Page Rank Information Available". It wasn't that long when google gave PR3 on this blog from PR2. I think it was only like 2 weeks that I had it and was enjoying it for a very short period of time. Ha,ha,.. I didn't know why google took it away but it's ok at least the PR3 on my other blog is still there.


Free Death Certificate Search

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Lexi and Sarge Escape...

Lexi (purebreed female golden retreiver) and Sarge (male fawn pug) always stay in the backyard together. We made a closed fenced for them since both of them had just been housebroken and sometimes they still make mistakes and go to the bathroom in the house. So, we have them stay outside the house during the day. While Bandit stays most of the time in the house since he is housebroken and very good at not going stinky while inside the house. He knows how to let us know when he wants to go out and go to the bathroom. Anyways, Lexi and Sarge have been doing good inside the fence until I noticed this mrning that they were both gone in the fence. So I hurriedly check the fence and they were not there and when I looked at the neighbors yard there they were watching me. Lexi was standing at the neighbor's little pond with Sarge on her side. Naughty dogs, I called them and sarge came running towards me then Lexi followed him. They escaped twice this morning so I have to fix their fence door so they won't get out again.


Caller Identifier

Every now and then I received calls from people’s phone numbers whom I didn’t know and were not in my cell’s phonebook. I usually don’t answer them though but after the missed calls I am always curious to know who were those unwanted callers. Finding out who were those unwanted callers were, are now very easy and accessible through Caller Identifier. Just enter the phone numbers who called you in the search box and Caller Identifier will help you search and identify those unwanted calls you get.

Bandit was sprayed by skunk!

I feel sorry for Bandit tonight coz he has to sleep in the garage this evening. He got sprayed by a skunk coz he was outside the house earlier when we were testing our metal detector in the front yard. I should have let him in when I got inside the house. When he saw the skunk in the front yard he starting chasing it and hubby tried to call him back and said "no" but Bandit didn't listen. Now, he has to stay outside for the whole week as what hubby told me. He can't get into the house until the nasty smell from his body is gone. Hubby said it's hard to get rid of the skunk's smell when dog's get sprayed. Bandit had already been sprayed before and it took him a week to get rid of the smell coz the smell won't go away even if you give him a bath. Geez, one week is too long not to have bandit in the house. I checked the internet what I could do to get rid of Bandit's stinky smell and I found out that a quart of 3 percent peroxide, a quarter cup of baking soda and a teaspoon of dishwashing soap can be used to wash the skunk's smell away so I'm going to give Bandit a shower tomorrow morning using this mixture. I have to go to Wal mart first thing in the morning to buy the peroxide. Will find out if this will work, wish me luck guys. I will let you know if this really works.

National Offender List

Crime is all over and criminals can be everywhere so it is very important to be aware of the people around us especially in our neighborhood. Megan’s Law states that everyone has the right to know if sex offenders live in their area. The exact location of any previous sex offenders is now considered to be public record by law. Everyone can now find information online and get accessed through the Sex Offender Registry. If you want to find out more about it visit nationalsexoffenderlist.org

Metal detecting in the front yard

Hubby assembled the metal detector that just came in earlier today and we tried it in our front yard. We found a lot of old coins and some old keys that have been buried on the ground. The old coins are more on pennies and one of them has a date on it way back in 1964. Pretty interesting isn't it?

Report Phone Numbers

Have you been receiving calls from unlisted phone numbers? Those unwanted calls might be from telemarketers, solicitors, or just prank calls. A good way to find out who’s calling you is through reverse look up of phone numbers at reportphonenumbers.com. You can also do phone number reporting if you have identified those callers who have been calling you and submit the information you got and post comments so others will also be aware of those phone numbers that have been calling them.

Metal Detectors

The metal detectors that hubby ordered just came in today and delivered by UPS. I called hubby at work and told him that the stuffs he ordered just arrived and he got so excited. I haven't opened the box yet coz I'm waiting for hubby to do it so he could check each item in the box one by one and make sure that every part of the detector and the accessories that come with it are all there.

NAA Life your investment in peace of mind

Death is inevitable and it could happen anytime to anybody. It is one of the topics that every person doesn’t want to talk about. Every time hubby starts talking about what I should do or what he wants me to do when he dies I would start crying coz I don’t want to talk about it even think about it but he said that it is very important to talk about those things so I would know what I should do by that time. Hubby is always concerned about my welfare and his children and he wants to make sure that I am financially stable when he dies that’s why he wants to make sure he gets the maximum benefits I could get in his life insurance.

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We Almost Lost Flash

Photo of Flash sometime ago after Nichole groomed him

Closer look of Flash, he is a great horse.

Wednesday afternoon "Flash" started laying down on the ground and Nichole and I thought that he was just goofing off or just relaxing coz he does it every now and then but when Nichole saw that Flash was laying down longer on the ground and looked tired she thought it was unusual for him to do that. I told Nichole that Flash was probably just relaxing and I told her about giving him some treat coz he loves "Apple treats" so she gave a piece but Flash turned it down and that is not usual for him to turn down any treats coz he loves food. So he called hubby her dad and told him what Flash laying down on the ground and hubby said he would call the Vet coz it wasn't a good sign, Flash might be colicking and it could mean death. Then hubby told Nichole to keep Flash up and not let him lay down on the ground. So she keep Flash up by walking him around the fence, then she took Flash out of the fence and took him a walk to the front yard just to keep him up until the Vet arrive. The vet arrived and gave Flash a shot and the vet said that he had colic and was glad that Nichole had kept the horse up or he would have died. The Vet said Flash had too much gas in his tummy. After he gave him shot, Flash felt better and started eating his hay. I'm glad that he was able to get over his colic. I thought we would lose him. I have loved this horse and so does Nichole coz it's her horse which hubby bought for her to take care.

Portable Activity Center for Babies

When baby starts learning to walk they become more active. At this stage of child development mommies need to be more watchful on their babies to keep an eye on what their babies are doing because sometimes accidents may happen if active babies were unattended. If you are a mommy of 6 to 18 months old baby and your little one is very active you might as well check this PopATot homepage and find out about this newest product for babies 6-18 months old. PopATot is a portable activity center where you can take everywhere you go camping, visiting grandparents or going to the beach PopATot can be carried without any hassle because it can be folded up and store in it’s easy to carry case. Your baby will enjoy doing her activities and you will be confident that your baby will be safe while you are doing something else.

PopATot has the following features;

Toy loops which your baby’s toys can be easily attached and removed.
Flexible seat for easy movement.
Padded for comfort and double stitched for extra strength and security.
Two cup holders.
Safety latch which provides extra stability during use.
Built in floor made of Canvas cover to protect your baby’s feet from itchy grass and sand.
Sturdy frame with lightweight collapsible steel frames to easily store in it’s carrying bag.

Mommies don’t you know that you can get this PopATot for free? Yes, since this product is new in the market and they are inviting mommies to be a PopATot tester. All you have to do is completely fill up the PopATot review application and meet all their requirements and you can have the PopATot for free or visit http://www.popatot.com and find out more about this offer.

A Get Together with Pinay Friends

Fe and I were able to meet the new Pinay who just got here in Grand Junction, Colorado. Kristine with her husband Cris came to the Filipino store yesterday afternoon. It was great to meet her and her husband and we had fun chatting together. Before we depart our ways Fe and I bought some foods from the store. Fe and Kristine have to stay longer at the store since me and my step-daughter have to go to pet smart to get some dog food.


Digital Camera

My digital camera’s battery has been low and almost dying but cannot charge it coz until now I still cannot find the charger. I told hubby that I can’t use our camera anymore, I still have some captured photos in that camera but cannot download them in my laptop because it won’t work since the battery is too low that the camera’s power just shuts off if I start loading it to the computer. I really need a new one.

I started looking for digital cameras online and see how much they cost and what brand would be nice to get just incase hubby decides to buy me one. I came across with 42photo.com which sells digital cameras and video cameras online. They have a wide variety of brands of digital cameras such as Canon, Casio, Fuji, Kodak, Kyocera, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Sigma, and Sony. One thing I like about the site is that most of their customers gave them positive reviews and excellent comments about their products and their services. 42photo.com offers low web prices, free shipping and free cleaning kit with every order by phone just call them at 888-810-4242 and ask about these offers. If you guys are planning to buy digital cameras or video you might as well visit 42photo.com and find out more about it.

Lunch with Hubby

Hubby called me on my celphone at noon and asked me if I would want to go out lunch with him. He was at work when he called me and I told him yes, I would love to meet him at work and have lunch with him somewhere. So, I drove to his workplace and he was all ready to take a lunch break when I got there. We went to "Starvin Arvin" for lunch and had a great time talking while eating lunch. Then, we went back to his work and I drove my way back home.


Air Mattress Buyer's Guide

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I did some blog hopping earlier, I visited some blogs from my blogroll but wasn't able to visit them all but tomorrow I will continue visiting those I haven't visited yet. When I started hopping blogs I found out that some of the links in my blogroll do not exist anymore so I deleted them in my list. I have to be consistent in visiting other blogs hoping they would visit my blog in return, doing so will definitely increase my Alexa rank.

Time flies by so Fast

Time flies by so fast it was only two months ago that hubby and I went to the Olathe Sweet Corn Festival in Olathe, Colorado around 52 miles from home. The festival was held at Olathe’s fairgrounds, a lot of people went there to watch the exhibit, concert, eat sweet corn all you can and have fun.

The fairground was surrounded with different booths that sell many kinds of stuffs like foods, drinks and other souvenir products. There were also trade show displays of different products and services. Some used banner stands in different sizes to display their products and get people’s attention.

It was my first time to watch a live concert and I was kind of surprised because the concert was in the open field and everyone just brought their own chair and find their place anywhere to seat. It’s like a picnic and in the middle of the fairground they built a concert truss and put lights on it which was used for Travis Tritt’s live concert. Travis Tritt is a Grammy award-winning American country music artist and an occasional actor.

Battery Charger

I have been looking for my battery charger so I could recharge my camera's battery but can't find it. I have some photos to download in my laptop but can't do it because my camera is dead. I really need a new one because the camera that I have been using is quiet old and the battery doesn't last long. I'm hoping that hubby will buy me a new one. Well, I guess that's what hubby is planning to give me as Christmas present because he told me once that he already knew what to give me for this Christmas. I'm just guessing but I'm hoping he would buy me a digital camera soon especially during Black Friday which is the day after Thanksgiving because stores usually will have the biggest sale and we might get a good deal on digital camera.


Designer Clothes

Grey Drape Dress by Erotokritos

Riding Sweater by Charlotte Ronson

When it comes to fashion like clothes, shoes and other accessories women are into these stuffs. Everytime I shop my eyes always get caught into the store’s clothing or shoe department. It’s fun to shop and even just look around for clothes. Although I don’t care much about the brands but what I always care is how I look when I wear them and how it fits me. Some women are very particular about brands and styles and will only buy and wear designer clothing. If you are one of them who loves designer clothing check shopgoldyn.com. They sell different brands of designer clothing by Madison Marcus, Dinah, Mon Petit Oiseau, Christopher Fischer, Loeffler Randall and many more. I checked each of the designer’s displayed items and they were so pretty. The photos above are just some of the clothes that I really liked aren't they pretty?

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Hubby's back to work

Hubby's back to work again after having his 3 days off. We always wished we could be together all the time. Although it's three days off but it seems the days just passed by so quickly. Mostly we run errands, do grocery shopping, meet with parents-in-laws during his days off and sometimes take a ride in the mountains for scenic views. I told hubby if we could go to Moab in his next days off since I haven't been there and it only takes less than 3 hr drive. He said we could do it, there are some beautiful sites to see out there.

Health Insurance

Hubby is always concerned about our family’s welfare I should say that he is the most caring and most responsible husband to me and father to his children. He always make sure that we get the best out of everything especially when it comes to our health. That’s why when hubby got a new job a year ago he made sure that he gets the best health insurance benefits he could get for the whole family. Hubby told me that he got the best health insurance plan from the company he works with and never had the kind of health insurance from other companies he had worked before aside from the great benefits that included in our healthcare plan the price was also very affordable.

I compared our healthcare plan to ekaiserinsurance.com and found out that they were almost the same. Ekaiserinsurance.com is an insurance agency that delivers web-based insurance information for those individuals, families and businesses who are in need of insurance information. They offer online services for comprehensive search and review of leading insurance plans in the market today. If you are looking for the best healthcare plans that suites your needs and gives you the best benefits according to affordability and quality visit ekaiserinsurance.com their services is available in California at Kaiser Permanente California. Check also Kaiser Permanente Colorado for Colorado residents and Kaiser Permanente Georgia for those who live in Georgia.

Done with CNA Training

Yes, I did it!Yesterday night was the end of my CNA Training. We had our final written exam and thank God I passed it. Got 8 mistakes out of 100 items, not bad though but I have wished I should have done better. After our exam we filled out application forms for the State Nursing Board Exam which our instructor will be submitting on Monday so we could get scheduled for our Nursing Board Exam. Hopefully, I will pass the written and skills tests to get certified.
After we're done filling out the forms our instructor handed us our certificate of completion and each of us received a graduation card with a note written by our two instructors. Below were photos of my CNA certificate and the card. The card has a butterfly shape and design which our instructor told us that we are now free and we can get a job anywhere we are as a CNA.

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Awesome Directory Site

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International Buffet

Hubby and I with my parents-in-laws are going out for lunch at the newly opened "International Buffet". Will find out then if it's a good place to eat. Hubby loves to dine out, he and mom usually go out for dinner or lunch together before I came here. But when I came here we don't go out to eat as much as hubby used to since hubby is trying to lose weight. We just go at least once or twice a week.

High Definition Television

Everytime hubby and I go shopping, we always pause for awhile to watch on the HDTV or what they call as the High Definition Television screens on store’s display because they are just too huge and too wide to get your attention. HDTVs are really nice piece of entertainment system because they have higher resolution which give more image details that’s why when you watch those images on the screen they are very clear and they look so real. It would be nice to have one in the living room. I know hubby would love it but maybe not for now coz they are pricey and we could not afford to buy one.

I checked online just to compare prices on High Definition TVs and found HighDefBay an online store which sells different brands of HDTV such as Sony, Panasonic, Sharp and Pioneer and I think their prices are reasonable coz they pride themselves that they specialized in the sale of discount commercial products online and they are also committed to superior customer service. If you are planning to get an HDTV, you might as well visit their website and find more information about their products.

My Brother's Family

Leah, Ysay and Noel

When I checked the mails from our mailbox yesterday I was surprised to receive a "Thank You" card from my brother who lives in Cebu, Philippines right now. I was happier to see a photo of him and his wife and their baby. Hubby and I were glad to know that they appreciated and expressed their gratitude for the simple things we did for them like sending them a little money every now and then. My brother is the youngest in the family and he was my only sibling. We are 8 yrs apart. Their daughter is my very first niece and the very first granchild of my parents. I'm looking forward to see them in the future when hubby and I could go back to the Philippines for a vacation.


Reverse Phone Lookup Service

I always avoid answering calls when they are not in my phonebook or don’t know who they are because most of the time they are telemarketers who are trying to sell something. Sometimes it’s so annoying, do you know that you can block unwanted calls from telemarketers for free with National No Call Registry? Yes, that’s true just visit the site and find out for more information about it. You can also do Reverse Phone Lookup and find out those callers who have been calling you by just entering the phone numbers and you will get the information about the name and place of your unknown callers.

Getting Ready for Clinical

I'm all ready for my clinical this afternoon which will start at 5:00 pm but I won't leave the house until 4:30 pm since it's only 15 mins drive to the facility for the brain injured. Will be there until 9 in the evening. My first night working with the staff and the brain injured clients went good. At first I was so nervous and scared knowing that most of the clients have mental problems but once I got to know them it wasn't that scary because they are nice people to talk with. Most clients in the facility had experienced car accidents which caused their brain injury. Most of them are independent but some needs assistance. In the facility they try to live normally despite of their mental incapability. As long as you treat them nicely and be kind to them they will do the same to you. It's fun working with them, if I have the chance to get a job there I would accept it.

Bed Bugs Guide

I never knew much about bed bugs until I read this information on bed bugs online. Every now and then I get itches at bedtime and I checked on it couldn’t find anything what bit me but just redness and welts on my skin. I realized that those bites might come from bed bugs. I’m glad I came across bedbugsguide.com, it’s really very informative site and it also gives advices on how to get rid of bed bugs. If you have bed bug infestation in your bedroom you might as well check this site and find out more information about it.

Metal Detecting

Hubby is thinking about doing a new hobby which is metal detecting. He told me he wants to buy a metal detector and ask me if I would be interested on doing it too. So he could buy one for me also. He wants us both to do it, I told him he can just get one and I will just be going with him while he does metal detecting but he said I might get bored if I would just be watching and following him. He said he wants me to have the metal detector also. So, I said ok, it might be fun and interesting especially if we find some valuable metals or maybe gold nuggets which is really his target why he wants to do metal detecting.

Hubby is already searching and looking for good metal detectors online. He already found the ones he would like to buy but he haven't ordered them yet.


Millionaire Singles

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Gas for my Car

I told hubby earlier today that my car needs gas coz it's almost empty and he said I could just go to the gas station and fill it up but I told him I don't like doing it. I have never gone to the gas station myself to fill up my car coz hubby does it most of the time. But late this afternoon hubby told me he wants to go for a ride and I said ok. We use my car and he drove it and I said where we're going and he said to the gas station to fill up the car and I said good idea I already forgot about it. So he filled up my car and it's almost full, isn't he sweet and thoughtful? When we got home I told him "Thank you honey for filling up my car with gas and he said "your welcome".


Consolidate Debt and Save Money

The US economy right now is not doing well and the administration is trying to find ways for solutions to solve this problem. I think everyone feels the effect of what is going on in our economy today. A lot of Americans are struggling financially with a lot of monthly bills to pay like mortgages, utilities, debts and etc. One would wonder how to save money in this time of financial distress. How can one save money when debts are all over and salary is just enough to pay monthly bills and debts? It’s hard isn’t it? Well, why not consolidate debt and consolidate bills to save money? You might ask if this is a good idea or if this idea works best. In my opinion, it does coz hubby and I did debt consolidation through home refinancing since it’s the best option that will work for us. If you want to find out other options on how you can consolidate your debt visit Bills.com which offers free debt consolidation quote. Bills.com is your one stop resource for saving money. It provides all informations you need on how to consolidate debt, learn the many options that’s best for you and help you decide the right choices. Bills.com points you in the right direction with advice and debt consolidation providers that have been pre-screened to help you.
So, check it out now and start saving money.

Google Page Rank Update

Last night when hubby and I came home from a family dinner cook out at Canyon View Park. I checked my blog and got a message from Gigi through my tag board telling me to update my SEO stats widget and Page Rank Button widget because my PR had changed from PR2 to PR3. I was surprised to read her message and was glad she informed me. I wouldn't have know then if it were not for her. Thanks Gigi and thanks to Google for increasing my PR. I don't know if I deserved this but I hope other bloggers received PR for their websites/blogs also especially to those who deserve it most. Until now, I still wonder and even a lot of bloggers how Google ranks pages.


Black Women Dating Site

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Oldest Man on earth celebrates 113th Birthday

Photo by msnbc.com

I wonder how it feels to be at 113th years living on this earth. For Tomoji Tanabe a Japanese who lives in Miyakonoj, Japan said that he was happy to celebrate his 113th birthday last September 18th. Tanabe was recognized by Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest living male last year. Read here for more of the story.