Giving my home a retro look on a tight budget

Guest post written by Carrie Stein

I've always loved the 50s and 60s retro look and now it's back in style thanks to Mad Men. But then again a lot of the things that have been created that are in that style are a bit out of my budget. Because of that, I thought that I would try and DIY a lot of things to mimic the more expensive stuff. My furniture has been retro for a while, but I've been upgrading to some new furniture that just looks old lately. It's about that time anyway.
I looked online to see if I could get some Tile Flooring installed because I love the black and white tile flooring. Nothing looks more retro than that. So I'm going to get that done in my kitchen.
I also found some DIY reupholstering tips and I'm going to try and reupholster some of my furniture into some new, retro looking fabric. I found a sale on some really great stuff and I think that it's going to really brighten up my living room couch.

Five years in the US

It was January 22, 2007 when I left the Philippines and it's been five years that I have been here in the US. Time just go by so fast. I'm glad within five years of being here I was able to apply for my naturalization and became a US Citizen. I am done with all my immigration papers and my next goal is to be able to get my parents to come here and live with us.