I found my true love online

Hubby and I will be celebrating our second year wedding anniversary in January 2009. I never thought I would find true love to someone who lived thousands of miles away from the Philippines and I never thought long distance would work but to hubby and me it did. Hubby and I met through an online dating site way back in December 2005. He came to the Philippines to meet me in February 2006. He came back to the US and petitioned me to get my Fiancee Visa. He flew back to the Philippines in January 2007 attended my visa interview at the US Embassy in Manila. Everything worked out perfectly and I got my visa and then we flew together here in the US and got married in January 27, 2007. If not with the online dating site, we would not have met each other and we would never be as happier as we are right now. I know a lot of people who found their true love through dating sites.

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Manoj Sharma said...

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Me, the islands and the world said...

that's so sweet. I have friends who found their love online too.

Janet said...

lar, finally na add na gyud nku imong 7 ka blog. wow paano mo na momonitor 2?? heheh sori ha dugay au tka na add heheh wla mn ko kaau tym gud :)ingats