After Work

Just got home from work. It was a long 12 hours of work and I was ready to go home. The boys were so happy to see me walk in the house. Now, I'm relaxing writing my blog trying to sit down for a little bit. So nice that hubby offered to cook me something for dinner. The boys are playing in the living room. Just love to be home with my family.


Back to blogging

It's been almost a year since my last post. Things just got so busy since I started working again. I worked 5 days a week and takes care of my two boys after I get off my work and during my days off. This last March I requested to change my schedule to work 3 days and 12 hours each day so I could have more days off to spend time with my growing children. I'm loving my new schedule although working 12 hours is very tough but I just look forward for my 4 days off then it makes it easier plus the day goes by so fast. Since I have more off I thought about going back to blogging. So here I am updating my blog entry and hoping that I could get more active in it.