Lexi and Sarge Escape...

Lexi (purebreed female golden retreiver) and Sarge (male fawn pug) always stay in the backyard together. We made a closed fenced for them since both of them had just been housebroken and sometimes they still make mistakes and go to the bathroom in the house. So, we have them stay outside the house during the day. While Bandit stays most of the time in the house since he is housebroken and very good at not going stinky while inside the house. He knows how to let us know when he wants to go out and go to the bathroom. Anyways, Lexi and Sarge have been doing good inside the fence until I noticed this mrning that they were both gone in the fence. So I hurriedly check the fence and they were not there and when I looked at the neighbors yard there they were watching me. Lexi was standing at the neighbor's little pond with Sarge on her side. Naughty dogs, I called them and sarge came running towards me then Lexi followed him. They escaped twice this morning so I have to fix their fence door so they won't get out again.

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