Changing to a different OB-GYN

Hubby has been telling me about finding a new OB-GYN for me. He had thought about getting the doctor that mom and his sister-in-law go to. Hubby also knew this OB-GYN for so long and he wanted me that this doctor will take care of me from now on. I didn't go for this doctor from the beginning because I was hesitant since this OB-GYN was a male doctor and I prefer to have a female OB-GYN to take care of me but hubby trusted this male doctor than the female one that have been taking care of me. So, I told hubby if he feels it right to change my OB-GYN and go for the male doctor then it's up to him that would be fine with me. I know hubby only wants the best for me and wants to make sure that I am in good hands especially when the nurse told us that I might have a C-section once I deliver my baby which hubby also preferred because he is scared that I might have a difficult delivery if I do it naturally since I'm a very tiny and petite. So, he finally called the doctor's office and made appointment with my new OB-GYN on Dec 16th.

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