Hawaii men charged of eating dog

I read this news from the Daily Sentinel today which talked about this Two former golf club employees who have been charged with theft and cruelty to animals in the death of a pet dog. The dog owners say was cooked and eaten.

An Oahu grand jury indicted Saturnino Palting, 58, and Nelson Domingo, 43, both of Kalihi after the Moanalua Golf Club fired them as maintenance workers.

They were charged with stealing a dog owned by Frank Manuma and his wife, Debbie Weil-Manuma. The 8-month-old German shepherd-Labrador mix named Caddy had been tied up near a maintenance shed on Dec. 16 while Frank Manuma played a round of golf.

Manuma says police told him the two men butchered and ate his pet. The charges were both felonies punishable by up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Wow! What a great punishment for those two accused men. I think they deserve it. I remember back home in the Philippines couple of years ago men, specially drunkards love to eat dogs which is horrible. They only stopped doing it until the animal rights have been imposed in the country. When I read this story and came across with those names involved in the crime made me wonder if those men were Filipinos coz their names sound familiar and common to a Filipino.


I never liked black dogs until........


Bandit is a very smart dog, he already learned a lot of tricks when hubby got him from the "Humane Society". I am always fascinated at how good Bandit responded to every task or trick I would ask him to do. He knows the words "sit", "stay", "down", "back", "drop", he even knows when you ask him "Where's your ball?" coz he would start searching for his ball and come back to you with his ball on his mouth. He knows the difference between the word "ball" and "toy".

Bandit is housebroken, he knows where he is supposed to go when he needs to "wewe". I always take him out to go "wewe" which I usually say "go potty" and when he hears these words he would start jumping up and down and gets hyper coz he knows I'm taking him out to the backyard. He will not go unless I would accompany him outside and tell him "go potty" and that's the time he would run and find a spot to "wewe". Sometimes it is so funny bcoz he would "wewe" as many times as I say the words "go potty". When it's time for him to "poop" I would just say the words "go drop a load" and in just few minutes he would start going around the backyard finding a good spot to "poop". Bandit could tell you when he needs to go "poop" specially when his tummy is not feeling good coz he would start getting hyper, jumping up and down infront of me and starts whining and walks to the front door. That is his way of letting me know that he really needs to go and by the time I take him out, he would in no time "wewe" or "poop".

Hubby often tells me how I made Bandit such a brat dog and I guess I made him such coz this dog is really so attach to me. I just love this dog which I thought I never would coz I never liked black dogs. Hubby always tease me, "So, who says you don't like black dogs?" and I would tell him, "Well, I really don't like black dogs until I met bandit coz he is an extraordinary dog".


Snowy evening

It's a snowy evening and I'm here in bed with my laptop thinking of something to write in my blog. Just done watching movie through my laptop here in bed coz I don't like going dowstairs to watch the movie where the entertainment room was we don't have the TV in the bedroom coz Hubby doesn't like to have it here. Hubby isn't home yet coz he works the night shift. I only go downstairs to watch TV or movie if hubby is home and so I'm alone right now, well I shouldn't say alone coz I have my critters here with me. Bandit is here in the bedroom sleeping on his bed on the floor. I could hear him snoring right now. Tiger is on our bed lying behind me. I just saw August came in looking for Tiger, I think she wants some fun chasing Tiger. Hmmm, very naughty cat. Tiger just watch her when August came in, she didn't even move but she knows she is safe coz mommy is here.

Hhhhhmmm, I feel sleepy. I guess I better get off and get some sleep, if i could get some sleep. It's hard to get to sleep when hubby isn't home yet but I need to. Have good night everyone!

Teach puppies to skip leaves

Stop your puppy from picking up a leaf-chewing habit. Tha habit may seem harmless, and ignoring it may seem like that lovely path of least resistance. But changing your pup's behavior may save his life.

Many plants are poisonous to pets. If your puppy learns to enjoy chewing on leaves, he will be at risk for chewing a leaf that might be toxic. Doing that might mean a veterinary emergency visit or worse.

If your puppy begins to grab a leaf, raise your voice, drop a tone and say,"Ah, ah, ah!" Praise your puppy for looking at you. Then squat down quickly and call your puppy to you for more loving or toss a toy for a reward.

Source: animalbehavior.net


Signs of suffering maybe subtle

Animals naturally hide their pain to protect themselves from predators, pets may be suffering even if they don't show obvious signs. Veterinarians recommend watching for subtle signs of discomfort such as abnormal chewing habits, drastic weight change, avoidance of affection or handling, decreased movement or exercise, excessive licking or biting himself, and uncharacteristic house-soiling. When pet changes behavior, the problem may be medical. Time to see the vet!


Tiger's funny moments


Nice, I got a lot of food here. Yum,yum.

Hmmmm, where's my food?

Feel so comfy.

Im sleepy ok?

I like it here, any problem?

Funny animal pics


Pets? No thanks!

According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association. Among people who have no desire for a pet, cleaning up after the animals is one of the main reasons for lack of interest. Here are some of the top reasons why people don't want pets (multiple answers allowed)

38 % Don't to want clean up after them

36% No one home during the day

33% Not enough time

33% Shedding

32% Too much responsibility

Well to me even if it takes too much responsibility in taking care of my dog and cats it's worth it because they make me feel happy after a busy day.


Bandit's Rabies shot

Since Tiger had to go to the Vet to be spayed we decided to take Bandit for his Rabies shot. Bandit had no idea neither me and Nichole (step-daughte) that something would go wrong.

We drove to the Vet clinic at 9:15 for Tiger and Bandit's appointment. We took Tiger in first (she was inside a pet carrier), filled up some papers for her and Bandit. Tiger has to be spayed and this was her purpose for the Vet's visit. The people from the clinic took tiger in and we went back to the car to take Bandit inside the clinic. Bandit has always been a good boy. He never gave us a hard time taking him to the clinic. His appointment was for just a Rabies shot. So we took him in and the Vet assistant had Bandit step on the weighing scale, Bandit was very cooperative he just step on it, sit and stayed as we told him to. By the way, Bandit weighs 80.6 lbs. While he was sitting there the guy gave him the shot on his back neck then he said that Bandit had to stay. I told the guy if we could take him back home right away but he said Bandit had to stay and we just have to come back between 4 and 5 pm to take both of the animals. I thought they would just want Bandit to stay just incase there would be some reactions with the Rabies shot. So, we went back home. Hubby was wondering why Bandit had to stay. He tried to call the Vet clinic office but didn't get an answer and didn't call back. We took a nap, after we got up Nichole said that she received a call from the Vet clinic and said that Bandit is already neutered. What??!!!!!! of course he was already neutered, he has no balls!!! For whatever reason, they had injected Bandit an anesthesia because they thought that Bandit was there to be neutered. That shot they gave him while we were there wasn't for Rabies. Holy Guacamole!!!! poor Bandit! I got so nervous and worried when I heard what Nichole told us. I was wondering if it was my fault, if I filled out the wrong paper for Bandit. I could never forgive myself if something bad happend to one of my Brats. I was worried the whole time we drove back to the clinic to pick up Bandit and Tiger. I was just so glad that Bandit was ok and that he was so happy when he saw us. He had his Rabies shot also after he woke up from the anesthesia he got. As for Tiger, she was also fine. What a day for Bandit!!!!

A visit to the Vet

It's Tiger's Vet appointment today and this visit had changed her whole cat life. Yes, we had her fixed for a lifetime. She will never be acting "weirdo" everytime she is in heat and we will never get worried or concerned about her getting pregnant coz she will never be as she had already been spayed today.

Right now she is still weak and still felt dizzy like a "drunken master" after the surgery she had been through but she is getting over it. She is having her moods as she gets easily irritated which according to the Vet is just normal.


Tiger hiding from August

Tiger spends most of the time in our bedroom just to avoid August because she knows that once August sees her she would be in deep trouble. We were all in the living room and I started looking for Tiger in the bedroom but couldn't find her. I was wondering where she was at coz August just woke up and came up to the living room. So, I keep looking around the living room and to my surprise I found Tiger hiding under the comforter which was hanging on the rail by the stair. She was hiding from August coz August keep looking for her and never even noticed that she was underneath the comforter. Tiger looks so cute and funny at the same time. She surely felt so safe coz August never found her.

When I started taking her photos and started calling her name she came out to me and started meowing. She knows mommy's already there to protect her from August.


Golden Retrievers and Newfoundland

Since Bandit is a Golden Retriever and Newfoundland mix I search some articles that tells more about each of this breed. Here's what I found out:

Golden Retriever : sturdy and beautiful dogs with a medium-length hair and a cream to golden colored coat. These are lovable, well-mannered, highly intelligent dogs with a great charm. They are easily trained. They love to please their owners, they are friendly and gentle with children and even to everyone. They are loyal, confident, sweet and eager to please. They are good watchdogs and they excel in obedience competitions. They like to retrieve balls and other toys. Golden Retrievers are well known for their hunting capabilities on land and in the water.

Golden retriever
Breed Group: Sporting
Weight: male: 65-75, female: 55-65 lbs
Height: male: 23-24, female: 21.5-22.5 inches
Color(s): various shades of gold

New Foundland : a gentle giant among canines, is a striking dog bound to elicit admiring commentswherever he accompanies his owner. A sweet, devoted companion, the Newf will protect children, haul leaves and firewood, save drowning people, and compete successfully in obedience and tracking trials.

The Newfoundland is a sweet-dispositioned dog that acts neither dull nor ill-tempered. He is a devoted companion. A multipurpose dog, at home on land and in water, the Newfoundland is capable of draft work and possesses natural lifesaving abilities.

The Newfoundland is a large, heavily coated, well balanced dog that is deep-bodied, heavily boned, muscular, and strong. A good specimen of the breed has dignity and proud head carriage.

Breed Group: Working
Weight: male: 130-150, female: 100-120 lbs
Height: male: 28, female: 26 inches
Color(s): solid black, brown, or gray, may
have white on chin, chest, toes, and
tail tip; or white base color with black

Here's the photo of Bandit as a Golden Newf mix.What a very handsome dog!!! If you are planning to get a new pet why not consider the Golden Newf mix.

Meet my Brats

This is Bandit, he is a mixed Golden Retriever and Newfoundland. Hubby adopted him from Roist Hurst Humane Society in 2004. He is approximately 7 or 8 yrs. old. We sometimes call him Bandito, Banditers and skitters. His favorite toy is a ball. He loves to play throw and fetch. He is a very smart dog. Hubby was so amazed at how Bandit came to the dog pound with Bandit's wonderful characteristics and abilities. He knows a lot of tricks and commands like sit, stay, speak, no, back, hi 5 and if you ask him " where is your ball?" he would get hyper and would start looking for his ball and grab it with his mouth and would show it to you and start playing with it. He is such a sweetheart and he is a good boy because he is friendly with cats. To me, he is an extra ordinary dog. He loves to be snuggled and scratched in his chest. If you ever see him you will surely fall in love with him.

Tiger is a female Tabby cat, she was a Christmas present to my hubby from his daughter Nichole in December of 2006. Tiger is only one year old. She is so adorable and sometimes funny. She makes my day with her silly ways. Sometimes she thinks she is like a dog because she loves to lick and sometimes she acts like a mouse because she would tear up a cat food bag until she could sneak in and eat the food inside the bag. She loves grabbing things with her mouth. She is a playful and a very active cat.

This one is August, she used to be a wild cat and used to be Mark's (hubby's brother) cat back in Florida but when Mark and his wife moved out of Florida they left her and had my mom-in-law take care of her. When my mom (mom-in-law) moved here to Colorado in 2002 she couldn't find August so she was left again in Florida. After a couple of months the people that live at my mom's house found her and mom had them send August through the plane which cost around $200-300. August is a loner and just want to be by herself. I rarely see her play, I think it's because she is already around 10 years old or more. She doesn't like someone to pet her but when she is in the mood she would come to me or to hubby and sit on my/his lap and start pushing her front paws back and forth as if giving me a massage. Since August used to be the only cat in the house she hasn't liked Tiger from the first time they met. She would attack Tiger in no time once she sees her so I always end up the referee when the two start fighting. I just hope that one day August would leave Tiger alone and the two could become friends. It's funny because normally dogs and cats do not get along well with each other but here in our home it's our cats that don't get along and Bandit would never want to get involved or deal with these two cats when they start fighting because Bandit is peaceful and kind natured and avoids all confrontations.