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We got our Christmas Tree

We finally just got our Christmas tree. We went to Walmart at first to check for the live tree but unfortunately they were all out. So, hubby and I decided to go to the place where the boyscouts sell live Christmas tree. They still have a lot of trees for sale, hubby and I look around and check for the trees and picked the best one for us. For $55 dollars we got our own live Christmas tree. Hubby and his son just done putting it up near by the window. For now, the tree has nothing on it but tomorrow we will start putting on the decorations around it.

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Hubby’s boys love to play video games. They could play all day if you let them do. We are still thinking on what to give the boys for their presents and we only have 10 days left before Christmas day. I know they will love to receive anything as long as it’s all about video games. Hubby and I will probably look for video games that they will like. Since they already have Xbox 360 maybe we will look for something else. I came across Gamebay and they sell the best value on video games on the net. Whether Nintendo DS, Play station, Xbox 360 and many more. If you are looking for accessories like R4 DS for your Nintendo DS they offer a great deal on it for as low as $19.49 plus free shipping. What a great deal isn't it?

Hubby's Dental Appointment

We just got home from hubby's dental visit. They put a crown on his one tooth and it went pretty ok. Hubby always doesn't like going to the dentist. He always get nervous everytime he has his teeth done. I guess he had a bad experience going to the dentist when he was young that's why he always felt that way. But he was able to overcome his fears. Good job honey, it wasn't that bad at all right?


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First Snow of the Year

We got our first snow of the year last night here in the grand valley. Although it had been snowing in the mountains but it never reach us until last night. Hubby and I thought that the weather forecast would be wrong since when we were outside we saw this bright and big moon in the sky. After couple of hours I told hubby that we need to let the dogs out (Lexi and Bandit) to go potty. When opened the door to my surprised it has been snowing already. I got so excited to see the snow on the ground. The dogs got so hyper too that they played in the front yard running and chasing each other. Lexi was a purebred golden retriever and she just had her shower earlier that day got so dirty that we have to give her another bath that night. As with Bandit, he doesn't look that bad because it won't show how dirty he was since he is a Black dog ( Golden Retriever-New Foundland mix).


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I'm 10 weeks preggy

Yes, I'm at my 10 weeks of pregnancy today. So far, so good because I don't feel any morning sickness yet. I hope it will continue to be this way. I just feel nauseous everyday but not to the point of vomiting. I also get tired right away and feel so sluggish and lazy. Although I have Sciatic nerve pain but I can bear the pain. My tummy is already showing even if I'm only 10 weeks. Hubby always tell his children to look at how big my tummy is now. Ha,ha,.... he wants to show off all the time about my pregnancy.

For more information about my pregnancy please visit my other blog My Journey to Momhood.

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Have a great weekend!

It's another weekend! Everything is going well here. Life is good and I have nothing to complain. We have a great weather today except for the cold temperature. We haven't gotten any snow in the valley yet but up in the surrounding mountains like the Grand Mesa it's already covered with snow and it's so pretty looking at the snow cap from here.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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Changing to a different OB-GYN

Hubby has been telling me about finding a new OB-GYN for me. He had thought about getting the doctor that mom and his sister-in-law go to. Hubby also knew this OB-GYN for so long and he wanted me that this doctor will take care of me from now on. I didn't go for this doctor from the beginning because I was hesitant since this OB-GYN was a male doctor and I prefer to have a female OB-GYN to take care of me but hubby trusted this male doctor than the female one that have been taking care of me. So, I told hubby if he feels it right to change my OB-GYN and go for the male doctor then it's up to him that would be fine with me. I know hubby only wants the best for me and wants to make sure that I am in good hands especially when the nurse told us that I might have a C-section once I deliver my baby which hubby also preferred because he is scared that I might have a difficult delivery if I do it naturally since I'm a very tiny and petite. So, he finally called the doctor's office and made appointment with my new OB-GYN on Dec 16th.

Grandfather Clocks

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Sciatic Nerve Pain

I started having pains in my lower back beginning my 8 weeks of pregnancy. I asked my care provider during my second prenatal visit and she said that it's my Sciatic nerve which she said that affects many women during pregnancy. She gave me some do's and dont's to help ease the pain. She said that I should not sit longer than one hour and I should not cross my legs when I sit and that I should make it sure that I stand up and take a walk after each hour of sitting.


On safety glasses

Hubby’s job requires him to wear safety glasses at all times when he is at work. Good thing their company offers free prescription safety glasses every year for every employee that works their. If not it would be an additional expenses to spend for safety glasses. Well, since their company pays for it he can’t choose where he wants to get or buy his safety glasses because the company already has one and only place to where they could order them. If hubby would have a chance to choose where to buy his safety glasses he could have chosen Optics Planet which sells a wide selection of safety glasses and other kinds of eyewear every person needs. Whether you want a fashionable designer eyeglasses or sunglasses they have it all that perfectly suits your needs and style. Optics Planet also carries a wide selection of prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses and goggles. Anything when it comes to eyewear needs you can find them at Optics Planet. The best thing is that it’s just a click away. Just visit www.OpticsPlanet.net the leading online supplier of eyewear and sport optics. Their prices are guaranteed the lowest price you could ever find on top of the line brands of eyewear plus you get a free UPS shipping on orders above $29.95 with a knowledgeable customer service and very secure online shopping.

It's only Thursday not Friday

It's Friday! ha,ha, that's what I thought this morning when I first wrote on this blog. I never realized that it's only Thursday until I talked to hubby on the phone about picking up the children from his ex's place. He was about to picked me up once he gets home then proceed to pick up the children but he phoned his children first and told them we would be a late. Then hubby called me back on the phone and told me we don't have to pick up the boys and I asked him why then he said because it's Thursday. Dang! I lost track of the days.

That's why I have to edit this post that I wrote this morning.


Customized Gift Cards

If you are not sure of what to give your love ones this Christmas why not consider gift cards not just an ordinary gift cards but customized gift cards. You can get your own personalized or customized gift cards though www.giftcardlab.com. Check the website now and find out how you can make your own customized gift cards which I know your loved ones will surely like.


During my second prenatal check up, me and hubby talked to the nurse about a lot of things with regards to my pregnancy. She discussed things that I would expect in the following prenatal appointments like blood tests and other kinds of tests that I would be needing in the future to make sure that the baby in my tummy is doing well. She also had with her some papers filled-ip after every information she asked from me regarding me and hubby's health history and family's health background. Before we left the clinic the nurse handed me a bag full of freebies and I was so excited to see what was inside the bag. I just love free stuffs.

Below are the freebies I got during my 2nd prenatal visit.

brochures and phamplets

magazines and a book

pregnancy diary, baby milk and other stuffs

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It's my birthday!

It's Dec 2nd and it's my birthday. I'm glad hubby took the day off from work to be able to spend time with me the whole day. We started our morning with opening the bag full of birthday presents from Mom Janie (my dearest mom-in-law). Hubby took some pics of those stuffs that I got from mom. I loved everything that mom gave me, she is very thoughtful and loving. I should say that I have the best and awesome mom-in-law and I feel that she's a blessing from God aside from hubby.

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