My Timex Watch

I have been using my Timex watch for more than  a year now and I really liked it a lot. I never had this brand of watch until I came here in the US because it cost a lot to buy one while in the Philippines and I couldn’t afford it. When I told hubby that I would be using a a three hand watch for my CNA clinicals last year during my CNA training he took me to the mall and got me a Timex watch and until now I am still using it at work at the nursing home in getting vitals like respiration and pulse rate from the residents. Timex watches can also be bought at Zappos.com where you can choose a wide selection of watches for men, women and kids in different brands including Timex. You can also find different products such as shoes, handbags, clothing, jewelry, men and women’s accessories, beauty products, housewares and many more. It’s a one stop online store where almost everything you need is available at a reasonable price with free shipping on all your purchases.

Tyler at 5 months


Tyler is 5 months old today. I can't believe how time flies by so fast and how quick Tyler has grown. He is getting bigger and bigger each passing day. We have introduced him to eating rice cereal which he doesn't care much but he is learning how to swallow it. We think that he is not ready for solid foods yet. So, we only give him rice cereal once a week. At 5 months he is more active, and responsive specially when you talk to him. He makes a lot of noises now and he drools a lot too. I guess he will be teething pretty soon. He sleeps longer at night now. Last night for the very first time he slept for 11 hours straight. He slept at 8 in the evening and woke up at 7 this morning. Although he started crying last night and I thought he would wake up and wanted his milk but I just gave him his "bingkee" (pacifier) and went back to sleep again. He has always been a good boy at night. I only feed him once or twice and he would go back to sleep when I put him back to his crib. Hubby took some pictures of him today at 5 months old.


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What's up?

I'm back after awhile of not updating my blog. Things are doing well lately. Just too busy with work and taking care of my little one. It's 11:27 in the evening as I'm writing this post. Just got off from work and had dinner. My little one is asleep in his crib and hubby is watching TV while waiting for me to go to bed. I'll be up for awhile updating my blogs.


Check iphone accessories at Mobile Fun

I just got home from work 15 minutes ago. It was a busy day at the nursing home during my shift. It has always been that way. I don’t get a chance to sit except during my 30 minutes break and dinner time for the residents since I help feed some of the residents too. It’s a lot of work but it’s rewarding because I am able to help them. I started working as a CNA since October 1st . I worked 5 times a week from 2 pm til 10 in the evening. I already got my first paycheck which I got paid for 4 days of my training but I am more excited this coming paycheck which is next week because I get paid for 2 weeks and so I get paid more. I’m thinking about buying something that would remind me of the first big pay check I got just to reward myself. Maybe an iphone, this is what hubby is using right now and he loves it. I might also get one for myself. I am checking for prices online to see how much it would cost me to buy this kind of phone and other iphone accessories such as iphone case and the iphone car charger. This is just a thought, it’s not final yet if I would get an iphone but if I got a good deal on it I might consider buying it. By the way if you are looking for mobile accessories check them out at http://www.mobilefun.co.uk. They sell different celphone accessories for Nokia, Apple, Samsung, LG, Blackberry and many more. Anyways, baby Tyler has been asleep when I got home. I usually get up and feed him when he wakes up around 3 or 4 am and then 6 or 7 am. Though I sleep in and get up around 10 in the morning but still I feel tired and sleepy during the day because I can’t sleep good at night, it takes me forever to fall asleep even how tired I am from work.


Been Lazy....

Yep, been lazy the past weeks that I have not updated my blog. I will be 32 weeks pregnant tomorrow, getting closer and closer to seeing my baby. This morning when I woke up I felt a slight cramps in my tummy and I got a little bit nervous that it might be a sign of preterm labor but I was glad that it went away. My baby has been active most of the time, he keeps moving, kicking and squirming most often which my OB said is a good thing. I only have 8 weeks more to go, hoping that my little one will come at a perfect time. Hang in there my little boy.


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Warm Weather

We have a perfect warm weather today and this is one of my favorite weather. The sun is shining brightly. I love the feel of the warmth of my skin, the wind is also warm enough for me. I can go out without wearing long sleeve shirts. It's about time to end wearing coats and jockets for sure. Hopefully the rest of the week will be as warm as today.

Hubby and I are planning for a trip to Salt Lake, Utah tomorrow. Hubby already booked a hotel we can spend the night with. We are going to the Salt lake temple and on Thursday we will be meeting a Pinay friend and her husband in Draper, Utah. It will be our first time to meet her husband and also their baby since she came here in the US in August 2007.


Prenatal Check Up

I had my prenatal check up yesterday and I'm thankful to God that everything went fine. I did Glucose challenge tolerance test and the result was normal which mean that I don't have Gestational diabetes which occurs to some women during their pregnancy. I hope that my blood sugar will continue to be normal during my entire pregnancy. My OB was glad to know that I have the normal weight that I'm supposed to gain. I was underweight before I got pregnant (88 lbs) so i should gain at least 28-40 lbs during my pregnancy. So far, I am at 114.8 lbs. They also checked my urine, blood pressure, my baby's heart beat, measured my tummy and everything is normal and good as what my OB said. Hubby and I were so glad to hear that everything goes well. I am at my 27 weeks and my OB said I will be seeing him every 2 weeks then it will be a weekly visit starting 36 weeks and until I gave birth.


Snow in Spring!

We got another snow this Spring, it's the second time we got our share of snow since spring started. When I got up earlier this morning there wasn't any snow yet. Hubby told me that it only took an hour for the snowfall to cover the ground. We got almost 2 inches of snow today but later in the morning. The sun came out and melted all the snow away.


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Got a new printer....

Hubby was having trouble fixing our printer since yesterday because of paper jam. Even if he already took the paper that was jammed, still the printer would say that it was jammed. He could not use the printer anymore so he called Best Buy where we bought it and he was told to take the printer and they would send it to HP service center to have it fixed but it would take 2 weeks to get it done which is a bad timing for not having the printer because hubby needed it badly for his online class. So we went to Best Buy this morning and brought with us the printer since it has one year warranty on it. The store associate started to fill up the form and key in some information for it but then he said that Hp won't do repair at their service center and we were told that we can return the printer we have and replace a new one which is very nice. So we check for a new printer and found the same model of the HP printer we were using and we just have it swapped. So we went home with a brand new printer. We bought the old printer for 199 dollars and the new one that we swapped was priced at $304.00 dollars. We didn't pay anything for the new one but just paid another year of warranty for only 25 dollars. What a great deal! Hubby was glad that he had bought that old printer with a one year warranty.


Mailboxixchange for high quality mail boxes

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My heartburn has been bothering me a lot since the second trimester of my pregnancy started. Although, I have been having heartburn every now and then before I got pregnant but lately it hurts almost everyday. Last night, I wasn’t able to sleep well because of my heartburn. Earlier today, it starting hurting again so hubby called my OB and asked what medicine I could take that is safe for me to alleviate my heartburn and stop it from coming back again. The doctor said it is safe for me to take over the counter medicines like Prilosic, Tums, Maylanta or Maalox. I have been taking Prilosic before and I still have some of these at home so I can continue taking it. Well, if I can tolerate the pain I won’t take any medication as much as possible.


When does daylight savings time change in Spring 2009?

In the US, 2009 Daylight Saving Time begins on Sunday, March 8 at 2 AM and ends on Sunday, November 1 at 2 AM as well. Time moves ahead one hour in March while it moves back one hour in November (hence the saying "Spring forward, Fall back").

US Daylight Saving Time begins on the second Sunday of March and ends on the first Sunday of November. In many western European countries Daylight Saving Time begins on the last Sunday of March and concludes in October on the last Sunday of that month.

Incase you didn't know yet, Daylight savings Time just started March 8 at 2 am. So guys here in the US and Canada make sure you set your time an hour ahead.


On Waste Management

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It's been awhile

It's been awhile that I haven't updated this blog. Days have gone by so fast, everything goes well though with family and my pregnancy. I'm in my 22 weeks already and my tummy have grown a lot bigger. I feel more uncomfortable wearing pants because they get tighter after just couple of weeks buying them. Next week, Monday will be my prenatal check up. Hopefully things will be fine in my next doctor's visit. By the way, we already found out the gender of my baby and it's a boy.



This Monday will be my next ultrasound. Hubby and I are getting more excited for that day because my OB said that we might be able to find out the gender of my baby. Hopefully, our little angel will cooperate. Once we found out the baby's gender hubby and I will start thinking of what the baby's name will be.



Been busy these past few days trying to clean t he house and start boxing things that we don't really need. Hubby and I decided to put the house for sale. We just talked to the realtor who will help us sell the house. We are hoping the house will be sold within 6 months so we could find another house that will only cost us to pay less than what we are paying with our mortgage now.


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A week from now

A week from now will be my prenatal check up and I'm looking forward again to see how my pregnancy goes. I'm expecting to have some blood tests done during that day. My OB said that we can bring VHS tape so maybe he will do abdominal ultrasound and record the baby's movement too. I wonder if the baby's gender will be determined as early as 16 weeks. Maybe not yet.


Being lazy again...

I have been so lazy and slack updating my blogs these past weeks. I feel like I can't think of anything to write about and I also feel like it's hard to gather all those ideas in my brain. Maybe, I ran out of words to express especially using the English language. I have my excuses because I am not a native speaker of the said language and I am not a good writer either.


Best company for all your trade show exhibit needs

Every time hubby and I shopped to the malls, I always get fascinated at how each booths in the store displayed their products and services. Surely, the architectural designs and styles added more attraction to the customers and clients to take a look at each store‘s displays and go around. Without such talents and creativity I think business owners will have a hard time on how they will organize, introduce and show case their products and services that will be more appealing to the public.

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It's Another Year!

Happy year 2009 everyone! It's another year to look forward to. Hoping that all things will be better than last year. Life is good, there were a lot of things to be thankful for last year like good health, good marriage relationship with hubby, even though there was a little bit of financial challenges but still hubby and I were grateful that God had helped us overcome those challenges. Inspite of those challenges a lot of great things and blessings have come to our lives. Hubby was able to get a good job although there was a big difference on what he used to earned but at least the benefits and insurances are great, I got my regular driver's license, I was able to avail for a free CNA training course sponsored by the Colorado Workforce Center and was able to pass my certification examinations also, and the best part is I got pregnant and it's doing well this time.

Hubby and I are hoping that that year will be the best year for us and we are praying that God will grant our wishes and will help us achieve our goals and dreams this year.