Preparing For A New Baby Online by Gaylord Campbell

There's so much information about pregnancy and childbirth online and I am so thankful that I can use my clear wimax 4Gt to do the research. I think about my mom when she was pregnant with me and how she had to go out and buy a bunch of pregnancy and childbirth books. She also had to go to the library to check out a bunch of books about babies and their development. Not me! All I have to do is get online and browse the internet. Anything I want to know is right there and it's free for the viewing. I've read about everything from conception to the full term development of my baby to how to take care of her when she's born. I've even gone to some of the video sites and viewed some of the birthing videos. That's a little scary but I know how happy I will be when my baby finally arrives. Of course, I have to be careful when browsing the internet for information about pregnancy and childbirth and especially about how to take care of my baby when she's born. It's like shopping. Some sites offer better quality information than others so I have to be careful.


Hubby went fishing with Nichole tonight. He told me if I wanted to go but said no because I wasn't in the mood. Sometimes I get bored especially when we don't catch fish right away. I just talked to him over the phone and told me that they caught 4 catfish but set them free back to the lake. They were fixing up to get back home. I told him if he could drop by Burger King to get me some chicken fries with barbeque sauce with it. I just put Tyler down on his crib asleep. Now, I have some time to blog and check online.

Nylabone for Bandit

Yes, I think Bandit needs Nylabone to solve his bad breath problem. I told hubby one time that Bandit’s breath is so bad and asked him if there is any way we could do to solve the problem like going to the Vet to have his teeth cleaned. But, hubby said it would cost a fortune. He said the only cheapest way to do it is to give him dental treat to help clean the teeth and freshen his breath. I wonder, if that would really work. I read an ad about Nylabone Nubz, Edible Dental Dog Chews.   It said that  it  is made of highly digestible natural ingredients and is recommended by Vets to help clean dog’s teeth, promote fresh breath, healthy gums and reduce tartar. These Nubz are made with real chicken, no added sugar, salt or preservatives which means it’s all natural ingredients and it’s made in the US too. Maybe I should try this product and see how it does. Nylabone Nubz, Edible Dental Dog Chews can be found in Costco stores and if you are a Costco member you can find a $3.50 coupon value from Costco’s Monthly coupon book which is valid August 19th till September 12th.

Growing Tyler

Wow, I could not believe how fast my baby grows. It's been awhile since my last post and now my baby is already a toddler. Tyler just turned 1 year old last June 23rd. He has grown a lot. He is now walking and running around. He has learned a lot of things. He can say some words aside from mama and dada. He can point at things he wants to get. He is more playful and more active which keeps me busy all day long. Here's Tyler's latest pics.