It's Friday!

Time flies by so fast, it's Friday again! I am on 7 weeks and 6 days of my pregnancy. Feels good so far except for being nauseous every now and then. Oh, last night I had a terrible craving for green mango. I told hubby I want green mango but just had to deal my cravings without it because we can't find any green mango. This is America no green mango that taste as good as the Philippines'. I was sad last night and just laying in the couch imagining myself eating the crunchy green mango dipping in salt before taking each bite. Geeze! now I'm craving more and more. Hubby tried to cheer me up and said well, there's the internet let see if we could find green mango online. Then he checked, he found a lot of websites about "Green Mango" and one of them is called "Green Mango Real Estate" toink! So, in short hubby never found any website that sells green mango. Then he asked me what else I would want to eat so he could fix it for me. He was checking at the fridge and into the freezer and found Cod fish in a packet. He fried it for me and heat up my rice which I always have in the fridge then served my dinner. Hubby is very good when it comes to cooking, he likes it a lot and would want to cook foods for me all the time. He always ask me what I would like to eat and if I want him to cook it for me.

Isn't he so sweet? I love you honey, thanks for everything!

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