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Christmas is in the air.....

Photo by allthingschristmas.com

Just started feeling the Christmas air when I began hearing Christmas jingles and Christmas songs over the radio right after Thanksgiving day. I have been waiting and hoping to hear Christmas songs in FM radio stations since the beginning of September because I'm used to hearing those kind of songs early in the morning as early as September back when I was in the Philippines. Now, I get more excited as I hear these Christmas songs over the radio often throughout the day.


Bathroom Vanity I wished to have....

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Prenatal Check Up

Yesterday was my second prenatal check up. It was just meeting with a nurse since I will see my OB-GYN on my third appointment in December. The nurse just filled up some paperworks and asked me and hubby's health background and family's health background. It was quiet a long visit as she also explained a lot of things that I should be expecting in my next prenatal check ups. She gave me a lot of brochures that I could read at home to help me get informed in my pregnancy. She also recommeneded me to have blood test done to check for HIV and also have urine check up. before we left the clinic the nurse handed me a bag of free stuffs in it which made me so excited what was in the bag. After we left the clinic we headed right away to the laboratory clinic for my blood and urine tests. Thank God we were just in time before they closed at 5:30 in the afternoon.

So, everything seems doing pretty good on my 8 week pregnancy.

Telescopes at Opticsplanet.net

Have you thought of what to give your love ones on Christmas Day? Hubby and I are still trying to figure out what to give our children their Christmas presents this year. Last year we gave one of the children a very nice telescope as Christmas present and he loved it very much. If you are still thinking of what to give this Christmas why not consider a telescope. You can find a wide variety of telescopes online at Optics planet at a very affordable price with so many brands to choose from like Meade, Celestron, Bushnell and many more. Hubby likes Bushnell it’s one of the top brands when it comes to telescopes. In fact, he bought one and gave his brother as birthday present last year. Optics Planet also sells different types of telescope such as refractor telescope, reflector, Newtonian and other types that any person might need. Check also Optics Planet’s wide selection of telescope accessories. Optics Planet offers the following: free shipping on orders over $29.95, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and special return policy for holiday season. Surely the best deal you can get aside from their unbeatable prices. Want to find out more about what Optics Planet can offer you? Visit www.opticsplanet.net now!

Dentist Appointment

We were able to visit with our dentist today. Hubby made the appointment and everything were taken cared off. My dentist did a thorough cleaning on my teeth as well as hubby's too. Since it is our annual dental check up. I'm glad hubby has the dental insurance which pays off 80% of the dental work done for hubby and 50% for mine. I would say even if we have insurance and our insurance paid 80% and 50% it still sure cost a lot to go to the dentist.

Discount Couches for Sale

Hubby and I just got home taking a quick ride up in the Monument. It's a pretty nice around the place. The day just ended so quick and tomorrow will be Thanksgiving Day. We will be meeting with family members and in-laws and have Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant. The following day after Thanksgiving will be the biggest sale in the US this Black Friday. I’m sure a lot of people will be going out to shop all day to avail of the great discount each store offers.

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Better sleep last night

I have not been sleeping good the past days. My OB-GYN told me that it's normal to feel that way. I usually get up in the middle of the night to go the bathroom and pee but then when I get back to bed it's so hard to fall asleep again. Finally, last night I was able to sleep better even though I woke up in between but was able to get back to sleep and I knew I slept better because I had dreams but can't remember them anymore when I wake up in the morning. So, I feel good today.


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My Body Guard

I am mostly by myself in the house when hubby is at work all day. I'm glad that I have Bandit in the house who is always around everywhere I go. He is like my body guard because he always follow me anywhere I go even in the bathroom, he would go with me. To him it's a pleasure to be around with me as his mommy. I was doing laundry downstairs and as usual every time I go to the laundry room he would be walking down the stairs behind me and lay down on the stairs facing the laundry room just like what he did in the photo below. He would wait there until I'm ready to go back upstairs. He is totally glued with me, if I would go out from the house without him he would bark all the time and will only stop if you let him out too or if you get back in the house.

Nationwide Phone Look Up

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Temperature at 42 F

It's really cold outside at 42 F to me it's almost freezing. I'm almost 2 yrs here in the US and still I'm not use to the cold. Everyday it gets colder and colder as winter is getting nearer and nearer. I just came from getting the newspaper and the mails from our mailbox and I was already shaking because of the cold. I'm already wearing 3 pieces of clothes on top and yet I could still feel the chill. The cold is one of the things I don't like living in this country but I have to get over it.

Holiday Glass Frames from Zenni Optical

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Food Storage

Hubby and I have been filling up our storage room with foods and other essential stuffs when unexpected emergency and disaster comes. He wanted to make sure that we have enough supply of foods for everyone in the family when there are no longer foods available in the stores. Hubby might sound paranoid about it but let's face the reality that it could happend. What if trucks that deliver foods to Walmart and other big grocery stores stop running to deliver these foods? or What if a disaster (hurricane, snow storm, earthquake) strikes in your place and you are stuck in your house and you have nowhere to go but stay in your house for safety for several days? Do you have enough food to consume for the whole family? or What if you lose your job and can't find one and you don't have any savings to buy foods? What if everyone in your place is adviced to evacuate and leave the city? Are you ready to leave right away? Do you have your 72 hour emergency kit ready? Bottom line is are you prepared when emergency strikes? Hubby and I are trying to prepare ourselves to be ready when things go wrong. Below are the pics of the stuffs we have in our food storage. We bought most of our stuffs at Sam's Club because they are cheaper when you buy them by bulk. We have different kinds of canned goods and other foods that will be useful till 2010. We also store toothpaste, shampoo, soap and hand sanitizer and other essential stuffs that we need for the house and for us to survive. Aside from these hubby also bought each member in the family a backpack full of essential stuffs which we call our 72 hr emergency survival kit which we will take with us in case we needed to evacuate our place right away. We have been counselled by our church leaders to have at least 3 months of food supply at home for emergency purposes.

Some stuffs we started filling up in one of the children's closet. The cat is not included in the food storage, she is just being nosy.

This is another food storage we have in the same room, this is our old storage room. We still need to sort the stuffs we have in this storage and check the foods that are about to expire so we could use them and replace them with new ones.

A 50 gallon container filled with clean water, we have two of these in the house.

Home Tanning Beds

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It's Friday!

Time flies by so fast, it's Friday again! I am on 7 weeks and 6 days of my pregnancy. Feels good so far except for being nauseous every now and then. Oh, last night I had a terrible craving for green mango. I told hubby I want green mango but just had to deal my cravings without it because we can't find any green mango. This is America no green mango that taste as good as the Philippines'. I was sad last night and just laying in the couch imagining myself eating the crunchy green mango dipping in salt before taking each bite. Geeze! now I'm craving more and more. Hubby tried to cheer me up and said well, there's the internet let see if we could find green mango online. Then he checked, he found a lot of websites about "Green Mango" and one of them is called "Green Mango Real Estate" toink! So, in short hubby never found any website that sells green mango. Then he asked me what else I would want to eat so he could fix it for me. He was checking at the fridge and into the freezer and found Cod fish in a packet. He fried it for me and heat up my rice which I always have in the fridge then served my dinner. Hubby is very good when it comes to cooking, he likes it a lot and would want to cook foods for me all the time. He always ask me what I would like to eat and if I want him to cook it for me.

Isn't he so sweet? I love you honey, thanks for everything!


Search the Best School to get your Online Degree at degreehound.com

Since I passed my CNA assessment test and I’m now a certified nurse aide I really wanted to start looking for a job but I am hesitant to do so because I’m pregnant right now and still on my first trimester. I am scared that I might get so stressed out if I start working and would affect my pregnancy especially that I had a history of miscarriage last year. So, I’m thinking about finding a job later when my first trimester is over. Hubby also encourage me to continue my education and proceed to the LPN or RN program. Since I am pregnant right now maybe I could just get an online degree in Nursing. It will probably help me make the most of my time while waiting for my baby to get deliver and when I have my baby since I will be at home most of the time taking care of my baby I could still continue finishing my online degree. I know healthcare professions are in demand and pays higher which is really very helpful if I want to have a financial security in the future.

I’m searching the internet and came across with degreehound.com which offers the tools and resources in finding the school and the different degree programs you would want to get into according to your needs and goals. Whether you are planning to earn your degree on campus or online, degreehound.com will help you find the right place for you. Check out their School Search Wizard by entering the area of your interest like business, healthcare, education and others and click on the options for the degree level whether certificate, associates, bachelors, masters or doctorate and you will be able to find the best school for you. Start the career that will help you get secured financially in the future, start with degreehound.com now!

Update on my Nursing Aide Assessment Test

I took my National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) examination to get Certified as a Nurse Aide last Nov 15, 2008 and I am so glad that I passed both exams written and skills. My CNA license will be sent in the mail within ten days from the time I took my exam. Hubby was so proud and happy that I am now certified.

Consolidate your debt and save money

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Bills.com can offers you a lot of information and resources to help you get out of debt faster and even save money. Check Bills.com if you have any questions on how debt consolidation works and how it can help you. They offer free quote or you can just read articles and advices from their debt consolidation experts and even learn success stories from people who have availed Bills.com’s services. With the economy’s situation right now, I know you are not the only person who is struggling financially and have been loaded with debts. Hubby and I have been into this kind of situation before but through debt consolidation we were able to get out from huge credit card debt interests, pay only one payments and even lowered our monthly payments. Now we don’t have to worry about getting too many credit card bills and paying them one by one each month because we have consolidated them into one payment. It surely works best for us.


Gas price at $1.84 a gallon

I went to hubby's work place this morning to get his pay check and then deposited it to the bank. As I drove towards Redlands Parkway Drive I looked at the prices of Gas at a gasoline station where we always get our gas for the vehicles and to my surprise it went down to $1.84 per gallon. Yesterday the price changed twice from $1.89 to $1.86 per gallon. Hubby have been filling up all his 5 gallon containers and stored them in our garage because the prices of gas has been dropping continueosly and we don't know if after all of these it will go up again. Hubby is just being cauteous and tried to make the most out of the cheapest gas he can get.


Christmas Celebration

Christmas day is getting closer and closer. Christmas season is my most favorite time of the year. Everytime I hear just even the Christmas jingles or songs and see all those Christmas decorations in the malls and stores I get more excited. It’s going to be my second year celebrating the season here in the U.S. and I am thinking about how are we going to celebrate it this year. Last year was just a very simple one, we didn’t prepare much with food because hubby was working that time and I didn’t know what to cook for Christmas eve so we just had a very simple dinner and woke up in the morning with hubby, me and the children taking turns opening our Christmas presents. This year’s Christmas is gonna be a lot more different since hubby will have his day’s off we will surely be preparing some Christmas Foods to make it more special. I’m starting to search for good recipes to cook for Christmas Eve and I stumble with www.celebrations.com which gives a lot of ideas and information on different Christmas Food recipes, party ideas and tips not only for Christmas season but for any occasions to celebrate. It’s definitely the best site to check if you are looking for the best ideas and information when it comes to celebrating any parties for your families and friends.


Visiting with Parents-in-law

Mom and Step-dad came to town and invited me and hubby to meet them for lunch at the International Buffet. We had a good visit with them and had a good lunch too. Then we parted our ways as they went to Sam's Club and hubby and I went to Wal-Mart to check for electric heater that we could use to keep the each of the children's bedroom coz hubby and I decided not to use our central heater for the house since it uses gas and it's gonna jump our energy bill if we use it especially during winter season. It would be cheaper to use electric heater instead. So, we got 3 electric heaters for 3 bedrooms and hopefully our energy bill won't be as high as it was last year.

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It's getting colder and colder each day

Yes, it's getting colder and colder each day as winter is getting closer and closer. Yesterday, The Grand Mesa received a lot of snow. Hubby and I were driving on I-70 going to Murdochs to get some stuff and as we were heading our way, we saw thick dark clouds on top of the Grand Mesa which seemed like storm and we saw a lot of snow on the mountains. When we got to Murdochs hubby went into the store, I stayed in the truck because I don't like going out since it's so cold outside and while waiting for hubby inside the truck little flakes of snow fell on the truck's windshield but it melted right away. I thought we gonna have some snow in the valley yesterday but thanks God it didn't. Well, I like to see it snowing but I just don't like the cold.

Friendship Flower

My friend Fe shared this friendship meme. Thanks a lot for being a friend and for sharing this inspiring thoughts!

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And lovely are the blossoms
That are tended with great care,
By those who work unselfishly
To make the place more fair.
And, like the garden blossoms,
Friendship's flower grows more sweet
When watched and tended carefully
By those we know and meet.
And, if the seed of friendship
Is planted deep and true
And watched with understanding,
Friendship's flower will bloom for you.

I'm passing this friendship meme to my other friends in the blogosphere namely Cecile, Bingkee, Myrna, Tess, Roxy, Amor and Chy.


Daylight Saving Time ends tonight

Photo by the Associated Press

It's the last day of daylight saving time so before you go to bed tonight make sure you set your clocks back one hour. The time officially changes at 2 a.m.