Food Storage

Hubby and I have been filling up our storage room with foods and other essential stuffs when unexpected emergency and disaster comes. He wanted to make sure that we have enough supply of foods for everyone in the family when there are no longer foods available in the stores. Hubby might sound paranoid about it but let's face the reality that it could happend. What if trucks that deliver foods to Walmart and other big grocery stores stop running to deliver these foods? or What if a disaster (hurricane, snow storm, earthquake) strikes in your place and you are stuck in your house and you have nowhere to go but stay in your house for safety for several days? Do you have enough food to consume for the whole family? or What if you lose your job and can't find one and you don't have any savings to buy foods? What if everyone in your place is adviced to evacuate and leave the city? Are you ready to leave right away? Do you have your 72 hour emergency kit ready? Bottom line is are you prepared when emergency strikes? Hubby and I are trying to prepare ourselves to be ready when things go wrong. Below are the pics of the stuffs we have in our food storage. We bought most of our stuffs at Sam's Club because they are cheaper when you buy them by bulk. We have different kinds of canned goods and other foods that will be useful till 2010. We also store toothpaste, shampoo, soap and hand sanitizer and other essential stuffs that we need for the house and for us to survive. Aside from these hubby also bought each member in the family a backpack full of essential stuffs which we call our 72 hr emergency survival kit which we will take with us in case we needed to evacuate our place right away. We have been counselled by our church leaders to have at least 3 months of food supply at home for emergency purposes.

Some stuffs we started filling up in one of the children's closet. The cat is not included in the food storage, she is just being nosy.

This is another food storage we have in the same room, this is our old storage room. We still need to sort the stuffs we have in this storage and check the foods that are about to expire so we could use them and replace them with new ones.

A 50 gallon container filled with clean water, we have two of these in the house.

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