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Happy to be home.....

Hubby and I were back from our Las Vegas trip Thursday night. It was a very long drive back home and I was so excited to see Bandit, Tiger and August again. Before we came back to the house we dropped by Walmart to buy Bandit's dog food because he was already out then we drove home and unpack some of our stuffs. Tiger was so glad to see us home but she was I think exhausted and traumatize by August because when we got in to the house I kept calling Tiger and wonder where she was at. August was in the living room sitting on the top of the couch. I ran to our bedroom right away and call for Tiger and she was meowing from under the bed and came out so scared but happy to see me. I knew that August had been mean to her the whole time we were not home. I guess Tiger was hiding under the bed the whole time and not even eating well because August might be in our bedroom too watching over Tiger to come out so she could attack her. What a mean cat! We decided to kept August out of the house the whole night. We put her food and water outside and just have her stay outside as her punishment. Hubby was so mad at her.
We went to Nichole's mother's house where Bandit was and pick him up. Bandit was so happy to see us and be back home. I was so glad to see him too.


Bandit's staying at other place

Hubby and I are going to Las Vegas for couple of days since he has 3 days off this week. This will be my first time to see Vegas and I am so excited but feels a little bit sad at the same time because I won't be seeing Bandit for a couple of days. Nichole my step-daughter just came by to pick Bandit up and take him to her mother's house since Nichole is staying at her mother this week. She is good at taking care of animals and we usually have Bandit stay there when Nichole is at her mother's place. I'm just glad to know that her mother which was hubby's ex is very considerate when it comes to taking Bandit to her house. I know Bandit will have a good time there because Lexi is there and another poodle dog named Prawns is there too.

So, it will be Tiger and August here in the house will just fill there automatice feeder with food and water and make sure that their litter box is clean before we left.

I'm sure I'm gonna miss my brats but will have more fun and enjoyable time with hubby in Vegas.


Photos of Lexi's Parents and Brother..........

Lexi's dad

The Mom

Her brother

Adorable Lexi

These photos were taken at the owner's place where Nichole bought Lexi. Lexi's dad is a very handsome Golden Retriever. I hope Lexi would look a lot like her dad when she grows up.


New member in the family

Lexi's adorable photo with her favorite toy.

Meet the newest member of our family Lexi, she is an 8 week old purebred Golden Retriever and she is an AKC registered. Her dad is a show dog and her mom hunts. She is actually Nichole's (my step-daughter) puppy and she is going to train Lexie to be a show dog too. Lexi is such an adorable puppy. She loves to play with Bandit and they get along well with each other.

Well, I think I will have another brat to spoil with. Ha,ha,....


Cats lag in Veterinary visits

Cats may be the No. 1 pet in the United States in terms of popularity, but dogs rule at the veterinary office. The average number of veterinary visits per year, by species:

2.6 Dogs

2.2 Horses

1.7 Cats

0.3 Birds

Cats don't see the veterinarian as often as dogs do.

Source: American Veterinary Medical Association

Bandit's Spring looks..........

Bandit really looked so different after we shave him. I told hubby that he looked so ugly without his thick long coat but I was just kidding ha,ha,. Bandit to me is still the most handsome and adorable dog even if he gets bald. Oh, he was so happy and felt so great after we shave him. I think he liked his short coat now because it feels comfy for him and he won't get too hot this spring and coming summer.

Bandit before shave

After Shave
Ha,ha he looks like a black labrador after we shaved him.


Bandit's Shaving moments.........

These were the photos I took while hubby was shaving Bandit. He was really well behaved and very patient as hubby took the time in shaving his thick long coat. Even if Bandit heard the noisy sound of the clipper he just ignored it and was very still. He was so submissive, he didn't freak out because he knew that it won't hurt him at all because "daddy" was doing the shave for him. Bandit is really a very good dog and a very smart one too.


Who is this dog?

Tiger sniffing Bandit's tail. She thought there's another dog in the house.

This was one of Tiger's first reaction after we finally shaved Bandit. Yes, Bandit had his coat shaved already by hubby. We had him shaved almost bald, except for his paws and forehead. Well, it was hubby's first time to shave a dog but it turned out good. The clipper that we just bought was really a good one, it was very easy to use. Thank God Bandit was well behaved and so patient as hubby shaved him. He never complained, he was so submissive and we never have any problem keeping him still while hubby was shaving him. Tiger was watching the whole time when we shave Bandit and after we were done she never recognize Bandit because he looked so different with his short coat. Tiger thought it was another dog in the house. Ha,ha, it was really funny how Tiger reacted when she saw Bandit, she started sniffing and checking on Bandit probably wondering if it was Bandit or another dog in the house. When she sniffed Bandit and Bandit looked around and stared at her, Tiger just began to be so defensive and a bit scared because we could see her tail went up and fluffy and started to have the hissing sound as if she was attacked by August.


Clipper for Shaving pets

Hubby and I thought about having Bandit shave his hair because he sheds a lot. We thought about having it done through a petgrooming place like Petco or Petsmart but it would cost a lot since Bandit had a very thick long coat. The last time we check for how much would it cost was from 60-100 dollars depending on the size of the dog. Bandit is an 80 pounder dog, it would probably cost around a 100 dollars to have him shaved. So, hubby thought about just buying a clipper for shaving so he could just shave bandit instead of going to the petgrooming place every year. We shop around and looked for a good clipper that would work best for Bandit's thick long coat and we found one at Murhdocks. For the cost of 150 dollars, we won't be spending 60-100 dollars every year just to have him shaved. I think we got a very good deal about the clipper that we had bought. This clipper is called Golden A5 and it's a one speed clipper. It comes in a kit, it's not only for shaving dogs but it also works best in shaving horses.

It was a smart idea for hubby to get one and just do it himself- that is shave Bandit.

I wonder how bandit would look like after being shaved.


CPR for your dog

I found this video very helpful and informative on how to do first aid for your dog who needs immediate care especially when your dog choked and stop breathing. This shows a step by step instruction on how to do CPR for your dog. Click to play the video and watch it.

Dog Trivia

Dogs may not have as many taste buds as we do (they have about 1,700 on their tongues, while we humans have about 9,000), but that doesn't mean they're not discriminating eaters. They have over 200 million scent receptors in their noses (we have only 5 million) so it's important that their food smells good and tastes good.