Time flies by so Fast

Time flies by so fast it was only two months ago that hubby and I went to the Olathe Sweet Corn Festival in Olathe, Colorado around 52 miles from home. The festival was held at Olathe’s fairgrounds, a lot of people went there to watch the exhibit, concert, eat sweet corn all you can and have fun.

The fairground was surrounded with different booths that sell many kinds of stuffs like foods, drinks and other souvenir products. There were also trade show displays of different products and services. Some used banner stands in different sizes to display their products and get people’s attention.

It was my first time to watch a live concert and I was kind of surprised because the concert was in the open field and everyone just brought their own chair and find their place anywhere to seat. It’s like a picnic and in the middle of the fairground they built a concert truss and put lights on it which was used for Travis Tritt’s live concert. Travis Tritt is a Grammy award-winning American country music artist and an occasional actor.

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