Getting Ready for Clinical

I'm all ready for my clinical this afternoon which will start at 5:00 pm but I won't leave the house until 4:30 pm since it's only 15 mins drive to the facility for the brain injured. Will be there until 9 in the evening. My first night working with the staff and the brain injured clients went good. At first I was so nervous and scared knowing that most of the clients have mental problems but once I got to know them it wasn't that scary because they are nice people to talk with. Most clients in the facility had experienced car accidents which caused their brain injury. Most of them are independent but some needs assistance. In the facility they try to live normally despite of their mental incapability. As long as you treat them nicely and be kind to them they will do the same to you. It's fun working with them, if I have the chance to get a job there I would accept it.

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