Bandit was sprayed by skunk!

I feel sorry for Bandit tonight coz he has to sleep in the garage this evening. He got sprayed by a skunk coz he was outside the house earlier when we were testing our metal detector in the front yard. I should have let him in when I got inside the house. When he saw the skunk in the front yard he starting chasing it and hubby tried to call him back and said "no" but Bandit didn't listen. Now, he has to stay outside for the whole week as what hubby told me. He can't get into the house until the nasty smell from his body is gone. Hubby said it's hard to get rid of the skunk's smell when dog's get sprayed. Bandit had already been sprayed before and it took him a week to get rid of the smell coz the smell won't go away even if you give him a bath. Geez, one week is too long not to have bandit in the house. I checked the internet what I could do to get rid of Bandit's stinky smell and I found out that a quart of 3 percent peroxide, a quarter cup of baking soda and a teaspoon of dishwashing soap can be used to wash the skunk's smell away so I'm going to give Bandit a shower tomorrow morning using this mixture. I have to go to Wal mart first thing in the morning to buy the peroxide. Will find out if this will work, wish me luck guys. I will let you know if this really works.

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