Tramadol for pain relief

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Warm Weather

We have a perfect warm weather today and this is one of my favorite weather. The sun is shining brightly. I love the feel of the warmth of my skin, the wind is also warm enough for me. I can go out without wearing long sleeve shirts. It's about time to end wearing coats and jockets for sure. Hopefully the rest of the week will be as warm as today.

Hubby and I are planning for a trip to Salt Lake, Utah tomorrow. Hubby already booked a hotel we can spend the night with. We are going to the Salt lake temple and on Thursday we will be meeting a Pinay friend and her husband in Draper, Utah. It will be our first time to meet her husband and also their baby since she came here in the US in August 2007.


Prenatal Check Up

I had my prenatal check up yesterday and I'm thankful to God that everything went fine. I did Glucose challenge tolerance test and the result was normal which mean that I don't have Gestational diabetes which occurs to some women during their pregnancy. I hope that my blood sugar will continue to be normal during my entire pregnancy. My OB was glad to know that I have the normal weight that I'm supposed to gain. I was underweight before I got pregnant (88 lbs) so i should gain at least 28-40 lbs during my pregnancy. So far, I am at 114.8 lbs. They also checked my urine, blood pressure, my baby's heart beat, measured my tummy and everything is normal and good as what my OB said. Hubby and I were so glad to hear that everything goes well. I am at my 27 weeks and my OB said I will be seeing him every 2 weeks then it will be a weekly visit starting 36 weeks and until I gave birth.


Snow in Spring!

We got another snow this Spring, it's the second time we got our share of snow since spring started. When I got up earlier this morning there wasn't any snow yet. Hubby told me that it only took an hour for the snowfall to cover the ground. We got almost 2 inches of snow today but later in the morning. The sun came out and melted all the snow away.