Portable Activity Center for Babies

When baby starts learning to walk they become more active. At this stage of child development mommies need to be more watchful on their babies to keep an eye on what their babies are doing because sometimes accidents may happen if active babies were unattended. If you are a mommy of 6 to 18 months old baby and your little one is very active you might as well check this PopATot homepage and find out about this newest product for babies 6-18 months old. PopATot is a portable activity center where you can take everywhere you go camping, visiting grandparents or going to the beach PopATot can be carried without any hassle because it can be folded up and store in it’s easy to carry case. Your baby will enjoy doing her activities and you will be confident that your baby will be safe while you are doing something else.

PopATot has the following features;

Toy loops which your baby’s toys can be easily attached and removed.
Flexible seat for easy movement.
Padded for comfort and double stitched for extra strength and security.
Two cup holders.
Safety latch which provides extra stability during use.
Built in floor made of Canvas cover to protect your baby’s feet from itchy grass and sand.
Sturdy frame with lightweight collapsible steel frames to easily store in it’s carrying bag.

Mommies don’t you know that you can get this PopATot for free? Yes, since this product is new in the market and they are inviting mommies to be a PopATot tester. All you have to do is completely fill up the PopATot review application and meet all their requirements and you can have the PopATot for free or visit http://www.popatot.com and find out more about this offer.

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