Find out what is explorer.ex through Application Error

It’s been six months since hubby bought me a new HP laptop and so far it’s working pretty good. We were not really planning to get a new laptop six months ago but the laptop I have been using for two years keep crashing and restarting every time I use it. I didn’t know what was it’s problem until I read an article from application-error.net about explorer.exe keeps crashing and restarting and I found out that explorer.exe is associated with viruses, worms, Trojans (which my old laptop was infected with it couple of months I had been using since I just bought it) malware, and adware. If I would have known that was the reason why my old laptop kept crashing and restarting we could have done something to check on it and probably tried to fix it. Well, it’s not too late yet the information I got today will still be useful in the future.

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