First Snow of the Year

We got our first snow of the year last night here in the grand valley. Although it had been snowing in the mountains but it never reach us until last night. Hubby and I thought that the weather forecast would be wrong since when we were outside we saw this bright and big moon in the sky. After couple of hours I told hubby that we need to let the dogs out (Lexi and Bandit) to go potty. When opened the door to my surprised it has been snowing already. I got so excited to see the snow on the ground. The dogs got so hyper too that they played in the front yard running and chasing each other. Lexi was a purebred golden retriever and she just had her shower earlier that day got so dirty that we have to give her another bath that night. As with Bandit, he doesn't look that bad because it won't show how dirty he was since he is a Black dog ( Golden Retriever-New Foundland mix).

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