We Almost Lost Flash

Photo of Flash sometime ago after Nichole groomed him

Closer look of Flash, he is a great horse.

Wednesday afternoon "Flash" started laying down on the ground and Nichole and I thought that he was just goofing off or just relaxing coz he does it every now and then but when Nichole saw that Flash was laying down longer on the ground and looked tired she thought it was unusual for him to do that. I told Nichole that Flash was probably just relaxing and I told her about giving him some treat coz he loves "Apple treats" so she gave a piece but Flash turned it down and that is not usual for him to turn down any treats coz he loves food. So he called hubby her dad and told him what Flash laying down on the ground and hubby said he would call the Vet coz it wasn't a good sign, Flash might be colicking and it could mean death. Then hubby told Nichole to keep Flash up and not let him lay down on the ground. So she keep Flash up by walking him around the fence, then she took Flash out of the fence and took him a walk to the front yard just to keep him up until the Vet arrive. The vet arrived and gave Flash a shot and the vet said that he had colic and was glad that Nichole had kept the horse up or he would have died. The Vet said Flash had too much gas in his tummy. After he gave him shot, Flash felt better and started eating his hay. I'm glad that he was able to get over his colic. I thought we would lose him. I have loved this horse and so does Nichole coz it's her horse which hubby bought for her to take care.

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