Post contributed by Hilton Miranda

A friend suggested that I visit smallbusiness.xo and look into upgrading our networking and communications at my office after a disaster last week. I have been practicing medicine for twenty years. I don’t know much about the business part, but someone talked me into using an on-line scheduling site. You pay a monthly fee and all the information about scheduling can be accessed on-line. The internet site also takes care of making confirmation calls and patients can log on to schedule or change appointment times or dates. In theory, it is a great idea, but if you stinking internet crashes it can leave your office crippled. It happened for the third time in a month last week, this time for the longest time yet. I was totally over it! That’s why we have decided to upgrade to t1 internet at my friends’ suggestion. I can’t afford to have an internet FAIL! It pains me to think about how stressful and hectic not knowing who is coming into your office and at what time they are coming. It is also embarrassing to have to ask the patient there name and spend time pulling there file when they are already in the waiting room!

Totally Potty Trained

Yes, I'm happy to say that Tyler is totally potty trained. It took him about 1 week to learn to use the bathroom to go pee and poop but now he is doing great when he needs to go. He is not wearing any diapers during the day or night coz he knows when to use the bathroom. He is wearing briefs now like a big boy. I am so proud of him he doesn't even wet himself at bedtime. He stays dry all night and goes to the bathroom to pee when he wakes up. I can't believed he is growing so fast. He will be 3 years old in June. He is growing smart and sweet boy.


Toilet Training

Tyler has been doing great in his toilet training. It has been almost a week that he goes to the bathroom when he wants to go pee and poop and he is doing great about telling us when he needs to go. He is just wearing underwear and no diaper doing the day when he is at home and today he hasn't have any accident yet. At night we put his diaper on when he is in bed but he doesn't wet as much as he used to. I'm glad that he is learning to go to the bathroom now and I'm hoping he will continue to be on top of it. I told him he will be ready for school when he learns to go the bathroom and not wet himself. He said mommy I'm ready to go to school.


Giving my home a retro look on a tight budget

Guest post written by Carrie Stein

I've always loved the 50s and 60s retro look and now it's back in style thanks to Mad Men. But then again a lot of the things that have been created that are in that style are a bit out of my budget. Because of that, I thought that I would try and DIY a lot of things to mimic the more expensive stuff. My furniture has been retro for a while, but I've been upgrading to some new furniture that just looks old lately. It's about that time anyway.
I looked online to see if I could get some Tile Flooring installed because I love the black and white tile flooring. Nothing looks more retro than that. So I'm going to get that done in my kitchen.
I also found some DIY reupholstering tips and I'm going to try and reupholster some of my furniture into some new, retro looking fabric. I found a sale on some really great stuff and I think that it's going to really brighten up my living room couch.

Five years in the US

It was January 22, 2007 when I left the Philippines and it's been five years that I have been here in the US. Time just go by so fast. I'm glad within five years of being here I was able to apply for my naturalization and became a US Citizen. I am done with all my immigration papers and my next goal is to be able to get my parents to come here and live with us.