TriScents Transformed My Home....


I got my Renuzit TriScents Starter Kit and was so excited to use it at home. To my excitement I didn’t know where to put it. I plugged it in in the bathroom at first then I asked hubby after several hours when he got out of the shower if he likes the fragrance of it but said he didn’t smell it. He asked me where I plugged it in I said in the bathroom next to where his electric razor was plugged in. Then he said that the bathroom electrical outlet turns off when the light is off which I didn’t know. So, I said oh that’s why you didn’t smell it and so I pulled it out and plugged it in our bedroom. In just a couple of minutes hubby and I smelled the refreshing fragrance of the seaside breeze scents. I told him that TriScents electric scented oil has three harmonious scents that changes every 45 minutes and he said oh, that’s great! He suggested to have it plugged in the living room where we could enjoy the fragrance because the living room has a larger area and it also close to the dining room which we could also smell the good fragrance. So finally, I was able to make up my mind to plug it in the living room in which I am enjoying the refreshing fragrance of Triscents right now. It really works great!

This is my first time to see an air freshener that has three different scents in one plug. It really smells good and refreshes our home. I think, I’m going to get another one to put in the living room downstairs since I also got a discount coupon which was included in the starter kit.

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