TB Skin Test

Hubby and I went to the Health Department for my TB Skin test as one of the requirements for my Certified Nursing Aide (CNA) Training Class this coming August. I thought that a blood sample would be taken out from my arm for the TB Skin test but hubby told me last night that the nurse would just inject A purified protein derivative (PPD) solution that contains Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigens, (but not live bacteria) into my skin and so that was the nurse did for my TB Skin test. I won't be able to know the result until Thursday since I have to return to the clinic on that day to see if I have any reactions with the PPD solution they put into my skin. I am a little bit worried about what the result might turn out because I have found out that there are lots of Filipinas who had a positive result on their TB skin test because they have been exposed to TB because of the environment of the Philippines but it doesn't mean that all of them have TB. I just hope and pray that my test will be fine and that no reactions will occur or whatsoever and that it would turn out completely negative so I could turn in my applications to the school that I will be enrolling before the week ends.

Tomorrow morning I will have my Physical Exam and have to get a certification from the doctor that I am physically fit to be a CNA. Hope things will work out best, wish me luck friends.

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