Meet the Magical Master Criss Angel

Abracadabra, now you see - now you don’t! Magic is really amazing and entertaining. It always amazes me how those talented magicians do their tricks that are sometimes unbelievable. When I was young I thought those magics were for real but now I understand that it is just more on illusions that magicians are able to do some acts and tricks that is sometimes unbelievable to see.

I love to watch magic shows on TV and lately like just couple of months ago hubby introduced me to watch some magic from a video clip like Youtube which really is unbelievably amazing a man who can fly from one building to another I mean not fly like superman but he can elevate himself into the air from the top of the building and reach the ground standing still, who can walk on the water in a swimming pool without sinking, who can get through a glass window without breaking it, these were just few of the amazing things I saw on the video clip which hubby showed me and Criss Angel was the person who did all of those amazing magic acts. I know he is a great illusionist, he does it naturally and I couldn’t figure out how he does it. Believe me, it's unbelievably amazing! Now we can see more of his magic and illusions in the new Cirque Du Soleil performance featuring CRISS ANGEL called 'CRISS ANGEL Believe' at Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.

Get your tickets now or join the Text Message Contest just text ‘Believe’ to 22122 to win 2 tickets to ‘CRISS ANGEL Believe’.

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