PR 2, is this true?

I couldn't believe that finally this blog has received page rank. Yesterday, I have been wondering if my page rank checker was messed up because since yesterday I kept on checking and refreshing this page and it showed PR2 but in my SEO page rank it said zero so I thought it was just messed up until Gigi left me a message in my cbox and congratulated me that I already have PR on this page. So, what I did is updated my SEO pagerank checker and there it appeared PR2 now. It feels great to know. Thanks google for giving me this chance to receive PR2 and of course I am also thankful to my blogger friends and those people who visited my blog and spend time browsing and reading some of my entries here. To my blogger friends who are still hoping to get PR, don't worry your turn will come too.

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Imelda said...

Congrats, i had a PR3 too in my other blog. I duno how i did it. Nobody knows how google comes up with its page ranking. I am thankful, though.