Beautiful Morning....

It's a beautiful Thursday morning, time flies by so fast isn't it? How's your morning so far? Mine is good, we have a beautiful warm weather today. Hubby came home from work at around 6 a.m. since he works graveyard shift which is 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. It's really a hard schedule for him and for me also because I didn't get enough sleep at night without him beside me. But I'm getting use to it, I have my brat cat (Tiger) that sleeps with me in bed the whole time to keep me company and I also have my brat dog (Bandit) sleeps inside our bedroom though he sleeps on his little bed in the corner of our bedroom. Right now hubby is asleep and so does Tiger, ha,ha you will not believe how this cat of ours act like human. She could stay in bed the whole night with me sleeping and even lay her head down next to me on my pillow. Sometimes she would lay in between my legs, isn't she a spoiled brat? Even if she had slept the whole night since hubby is in bed asleep, she was also there with him. When I woke up this morning when hubby came Tiger and bandit also got up and went to the living room then Tiger eat some of her cat food and then went back to bed with hubby. This cat is so attached to hubby and me that she thinks we are her mommy and daddy. Well, we treat her like our baby too.

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