Nice visit with parents-in-laws

Hubby and I just got back home earlier from Old Chicago to have lunch with Mom Janie and Step-dad Gene. We had a nice visit with them and had a great lunch too. It's always good to see both of them and spend time talking with them, it's been almost a month that we didn't have a get together with them since they just got back from Mom's family reunion in Alabama. Mom brought me something which she knew that I would like best, the baked beans and she gave hubby a late birthday gift which she forgot to give when she came over to give hubby's birthday presents. Hubby got excited when he knew that there's another present for him. It's a foot massager which hubby used just a minute ago and he liked it so good coz it's relaxing to his feet.

Mom and step-dad went back to their home in Montrose which is an hour drive from our place. I am looking forward to see them again next week.

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