Ultimate Flirting Championship

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“Touch everything except my hair.” I heard this pick up line said by one of my classmates back when I was in college. She said these words when someone touched her hair. I guess she was just too protective over her hair not to get messy or maybe it was her way of flirting the guy who touched her hair. Well, that was probably one of her flirting abilities. Some people have something what it takes to get someone’s attention while others are too shy to get noticed. Do you want to find out your flirting skills? Join Extreme Style by VO5 where you can play the Ultimate Flirting Championship game and see if you have the flirting abilities. It's an online game and you can either play as a flirter or as a judge in the game. Click the widget above and find out more how to play the game and what it takes to get a Victory Hair.

If you have your own blog or website you can also grab the widget and place it on your page so others can play it too.

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