Check AnnoyingCallers.com

Have you been receiving calls and you answer the calls only to find out they were solicitors? I think everybody does isn’t it annoying? Hubby told me not to answer any calls especially when the caller ID appears “Toll Free” because they are telemarketers and solicitors but sometimes these solicitors are using regular phone numbers that you won’t recognize. What we do is not answer any phone calls when the caller ID appears to be an unknown caller. You would wonder who are these people calling you and why are they calling you in the first place. Well, there’s a good way to find out about those annoying callers without answering their calls or calling them back. Check those phone numbers you don’t know who have called you and go to AnnoyingCallers.com and enter those phone numbers in the search box and you will find out who and where those phone calls come from. AnnoyingCallers.com is a database of phone numbers used by telemarketers and other annoying callers. The good thing about this website is that you can also leave comments and share information about those annoying callers that keep bugging you. You will also find out that you are not the only person who have been called by these people. Check the website now, I tried it myself and found out that most of the phone calls that I didn’t know were from telemarketers or solicitors, commercial company, surveyor, political ads and non-profit organizations.

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