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I am: happily married to my hubby.
I think: of my parents back in the Philippines.
I know: hubby is coming home from work soon.
I have: to update my blogs.
I wish: hubby and I could go to the Philippines next year.
I hate: people who are abusive and mean.
I miss: my parents!
I fear: to go out sometime when I'm by myself.
I hear: the swamp cooler.
I smell: nothing.
I crave: for Filipino dishes.
I search: informations online.
I wonder: if I could get pregnant.
I regret: having a miscarriage last year even if it's nobody's fault.
I love: my Husband so much!
I ache: when someone in the family is hurt.
I am not: a cheese burger lover.
I believe: that God is good all the time.
I dance: infront of hubby to tease him.
I sing: when I hear the good old songs.
I cry: when I am hurt.
I fight: for what is right.
I win: my mom-in-laws heart. She loves me so much and she is so concern of me.
I lose: sometimes.
I never: miss saying " I Love You! " to my Husband...EVERYDAY.
I always: call my Husband when he is at work.
I confuse: on where to work.
I listen: to country music most of the time.
I can usually be found: at home.
I am scared: of losing my love ones.
I need: to go to the post office next week.
I am happy about: hubby's great love and devotion to me!
I imagine: getting preggy next year. Hopefully, wink!

I'm passing this tag to all my friends.

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