Heavy Rain

Heavy rain pouring down.

The white stuffs are the little chunks of ice.

It was raining heavily last night, it started raining right after hubby came home from work. He was calling me to take a look outside and see the rain pouring down and to his surprise it's not just rainwater but there were little chunks of ice that dropped on the ground. Then hubby told me to come and see the hail quickly so hurriedly came running to the living room and looked at the window and sure enough I saw those little chunks of ice. It was the first time that it rained heavily that was during this summer season. We also got loud thunder and much lightning. Then hubby said he wanted to go out and eat somewhere. I said, if he was sure to go out and drive in the middle of the stormy weather. He said he wants to take me to this oriental restaurant that I haven't been too. So, we went out and started driving, the downtown area was already flooded and everytime cars pass by us we get splashed. Hubby was enjoying it so much to see the heavy rain pouring down the valley and I told him it made me scared especially when it thunders and when I saw the lightning. He said, I should be used to it as I came from a tropical country like the Philippines who always get a lot of rain, thunder and lightning. I said, yeah but everytime we got heavy rains, thunder and lightning I'm always scared. For him, it was fun and exciting because he was used to it since he grew up in Florida.

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