Tiger hiding from August

Tiger spends most of the time in our bedroom just to avoid August because she knows that once August sees her she would be in deep trouble. We were all in the living room and I started looking for Tiger in the bedroom but couldn't find her. I was wondering where she was at coz August just woke up and came up to the living room. So, I keep looking around the living room and to my surprise I found Tiger hiding under the comforter which was hanging on the rail by the stair. She was hiding from August coz August keep looking for her and never even noticed that she was underneath the comforter. Tiger looks so cute and funny at the same time. She surely felt so safe coz August never found her.

When I started taking her photos and started calling her name she came out to me and started meowing. She knows mommy's already there to protect her from August.


ღ Joymhrdy ღ said...

hi lara, i added na this blog!! thanks nga pala sa pag add ng 3 blogs ko. Ingat!

Lerlyn said...

salamat sa add... na add na sad tika..butang sad ug cbox dre lar,pra ka chikka ug daghan.