I never liked black dogs until........


Bandit is a very smart dog, he already learned a lot of tricks when hubby got him from the "Humane Society". I am always fascinated at how good Bandit responded to every task or trick I would ask him to do. He knows the words "sit", "stay", "down", "back", "drop", he even knows when you ask him "Where's your ball?" coz he would start searching for his ball and come back to you with his ball on his mouth. He knows the difference between the word "ball" and "toy".

Bandit is housebroken, he knows where he is supposed to go when he needs to "wewe". I always take him out to go "wewe" which I usually say "go potty" and when he hears these words he would start jumping up and down and gets hyper coz he knows I'm taking him out to the backyard. He will not go unless I would accompany him outside and tell him "go potty" and that's the time he would run and find a spot to "wewe". Sometimes it is so funny bcoz he would "wewe" as many times as I say the words "go potty". When it's time for him to "poop" I would just say the words "go drop a load" and in just few minutes he would start going around the backyard finding a good spot to "poop". Bandit could tell you when he needs to go "poop" specially when his tummy is not feeling good coz he would start getting hyper, jumping up and down infront of me and starts whining and walks to the front door. That is his way of letting me know that he really needs to go and by the time I take him out, he would in no time "wewe" or "poop".

Hubby often tells me how I made Bandit such a brat dog and I guess I made him such coz this dog is really so attach to me. I just love this dog which I thought I never would coz I never liked black dogs. Hubby always tease me, "So, who says you don't like black dogs?" and I would tell him, "Well, I really don't like black dogs until I met bandit coz he is an extraordinary dog".

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