Meet my Brats

This is Bandit, he is a mixed Golden Retriever and Newfoundland. Hubby adopted him from Roist Hurst Humane Society in 2004. He is approximately 7 or 8 yrs. old. We sometimes call him Bandito, Banditers and skitters. His favorite toy is a ball. He loves to play throw and fetch. He is a very smart dog. Hubby was so amazed at how Bandit came to the dog pound with Bandit's wonderful characteristics and abilities. He knows a lot of tricks and commands like sit, stay, speak, no, back, hi 5 and if you ask him " where is your ball?" he would get hyper and would start looking for his ball and grab it with his mouth and would show it to you and start playing with it. He is such a sweetheart and he is a good boy because he is friendly with cats. To me, he is an extra ordinary dog. He loves to be snuggled and scratched in his chest. If you ever see him you will surely fall in love with him.

Tiger is a female Tabby cat, she was a Christmas present to my hubby from his daughter Nichole in December of 2006. Tiger is only one year old. She is so adorable and sometimes funny. She makes my day with her silly ways. Sometimes she thinks she is like a dog because she loves to lick and sometimes she acts like a mouse because she would tear up a cat food bag until she could sneak in and eat the food inside the bag. She loves grabbing things with her mouth. She is a playful and a very active cat.

This one is August, she used to be a wild cat and used to be Mark's (hubby's brother) cat back in Florida but when Mark and his wife moved out of Florida they left her and had my mom-in-law take care of her. When my mom (mom-in-law) moved here to Colorado in 2002 she couldn't find August so she was left again in Florida. After a couple of months the people that live at my mom's house found her and mom had them send August through the plane which cost around $200-300. August is a loner and just want to be by herself. I rarely see her play, I think it's because she is already around 10 years old or more. She doesn't like someone to pet her but when she is in the mood she would come to me or to hubby and sit on my/his lap and start pushing her front paws back and forth as if giving me a massage. Since August used to be the only cat in the house she hasn't liked Tiger from the first time they met. She would attack Tiger in no time once she sees her so I always end up the referee when the two start fighting. I just hope that one day August would leave Tiger alone and the two could become friends. It's funny because normally dogs and cats do not get along well with each other but here in our home it's our cats that don't get along and Bandit would never want to get involved or deal with these two cats when they start fighting because Bandit is peaceful and kind natured and avoids all confrontations.