Snowy evening

It's a snowy evening and I'm here in bed with my laptop thinking of something to write in my blog. Just done watching movie through my laptop here in bed coz I don't like going dowstairs to watch the movie where the entertainment room was we don't have the TV in the bedroom coz Hubby doesn't like to have it here. Hubby isn't home yet coz he works the night shift. I only go downstairs to watch TV or movie if hubby is home and so I'm alone right now, well I shouldn't say alone coz I have my critters here with me. Bandit is here in the bedroom sleeping on his bed on the floor. I could hear him snoring right now. Tiger is on our bed lying behind me. I just saw August came in looking for Tiger, I think she wants some fun chasing Tiger. Hmmm, very naughty cat. Tiger just watch her when August came in, she didn't even move but she knows she is safe coz mommy is here.

Hhhhhmmm, I feel sleepy. I guess I better get off and get some sleep, if i could get some sleep. It's hard to get to sleep when hubby isn't home yet but I need to. Have good night everyone!

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