Bandit's Rabies shot

Since Tiger had to go to the Vet to be spayed we decided to take Bandit for his Rabies shot. Bandit had no idea neither me and Nichole (step-daughte) that something would go wrong.

We drove to the Vet clinic at 9:15 for Tiger and Bandit's appointment. We took Tiger in first (she was inside a pet carrier), filled up some papers for her and Bandit. Tiger has to be spayed and this was her purpose for the Vet's visit. The people from the clinic took tiger in and we went back to the car to take Bandit inside the clinic. Bandit has always been a good boy. He never gave us a hard time taking him to the clinic. His appointment was for just a Rabies shot. So we took him in and the Vet assistant had Bandit step on the weighing scale, Bandit was very cooperative he just step on it, sit and stayed as we told him to. By the way, Bandit weighs 80.6 lbs. While he was sitting there the guy gave him the shot on his back neck then he said that Bandit had to stay. I told the guy if we could take him back home right away but he said Bandit had to stay and we just have to come back between 4 and 5 pm to take both of the animals. I thought they would just want Bandit to stay just incase there would be some reactions with the Rabies shot. So, we went back home. Hubby was wondering why Bandit had to stay. He tried to call the Vet clinic office but didn't get an answer and didn't call back. We took a nap, after we got up Nichole said that she received a call from the Vet clinic and said that Bandit is already neutered. What??!!!!!! of course he was already neutered, he has no balls!!! For whatever reason, they had injected Bandit an anesthesia because they thought that Bandit was there to be neutered. That shot they gave him while we were there wasn't for Rabies. Holy Guacamole!!!! poor Bandit! I got so nervous and worried when I heard what Nichole told us. I was wondering if it was my fault, if I filled out the wrong paper for Bandit. I could never forgive myself if something bad happend to one of my Brats. I was worried the whole time we drove back to the clinic to pick up Bandit and Tiger. I was just so glad that Bandit was ok and that he was so happy when he saw us. He had his Rabies shot also after he woke up from the anesthesia he got. As for Tiger, she was also fine. What a day for Bandit!!!!

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