It's Another Year!

Happy year 2009 everyone! It's another year to look forward to. Hoping that all things will be better than last year. Life is good, there were a lot of things to be thankful for last year like good health, good marriage relationship with hubby, even though there was a little bit of financial challenges but still hubby and I were grateful that God had helped us overcome those challenges. Inspite of those challenges a lot of great things and blessings have come to our lives. Hubby was able to get a good job although there was a big difference on what he used to earned but at least the benefits and insurances are great, I got my regular driver's license, I was able to avail for a free CNA training course sponsored by the Colorado Workforce Center and was able to pass my certification examinations also, and the best part is I got pregnant and it's doing well this time.

Hubby and I are hoping that that year will be the best year for us and we are praying that God will grant our wishes and will help us achieve our goals and dreams this year.

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