My Timex Watch

I have been using my Timex watch for more than  a year now and I really liked it a lot. I never had this brand of watch until I came here in the US because it cost a lot to buy one while in the Philippines and I couldn’t afford it. When I told hubby that I would be using a a three hand watch for my CNA clinicals last year during my CNA training he took me to the mall and got me a Timex watch and until now I am still using it at work at the nursing home in getting vitals like respiration and pulse rate from the residents. Timex watches can also be bought at Zappos.com where you can choose a wide selection of watches for men, women and kids in different brands including Timex. You can also find different products such as shoes, handbags, clothing, jewelry, men and women’s accessories, beauty products, housewares and many more. It’s a one stop online store where almost everything you need is available at a reasonable price with free shipping on all your purchases.