Got a new printer....

Hubby was having trouble fixing our printer since yesterday because of paper jam. Even if he already took the paper that was jammed, still the printer would say that it was jammed. He could not use the printer anymore so he called Best Buy where we bought it and he was told to take the printer and they would send it to HP service center to have it fixed but it would take 2 weeks to get it done which is a bad timing for not having the printer because hubby needed it badly for his online class. So we went to Best Buy this morning and brought with us the printer since it has one year warranty on it. The store associate started to fill up the form and key in some information for it but then he said that Hp won't do repair at their service center and we were told that we can return the printer we have and replace a new one which is very nice. So we check for a new printer and found the same model of the HP printer we were using and we just have it swapped. So we went home with a brand new printer. We bought the old printer for 199 dollars and the new one that we swapped was priced at $304.00 dollars. We didn't pay anything for the new one but just paid another year of warranty for only 25 dollars. What a great deal! Hubby was glad that he had bought that old printer with a one year warranty.

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