Prenatal Check Up

I had my prenatal check up yesterday and I'm thankful to God that everything went fine. I did Glucose challenge tolerance test and the result was normal which mean that I don't have Gestational diabetes which occurs to some women during their pregnancy. I hope that my blood sugar will continue to be normal during my entire pregnancy. My OB was glad to know that I have the normal weight that I'm supposed to gain. I was underweight before I got pregnant (88 lbs) so i should gain at least 28-40 lbs during my pregnancy. So far, I am at 114.8 lbs. They also checked my urine, blood pressure, my baby's heart beat, measured my tummy and everything is normal and good as what my OB said. Hubby and I were so glad to hear that everything goes well. I am at my 27 weeks and my OB said I will be seeing him every 2 weeks then it will be a weekly visit starting 36 weeks and until I gave birth.

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