We' ve Finally Met

Fe and I have finally met in person last Monday morning. We have been friends online since last year. I first met her through friendster when I was searching for any Pinays who live in the same area during my couple of months here in Grand Junction. I was glad to find her friendster account and found out that she was also from Davao City and we started chatting. We set to meet up a couple of times but was cancelled until finally we had a chance to meet last monday at the Filipino Store. While we were there we also happen to meet another Pinays. Ate Elena who was Tita's sidekick to watch the store when she isn't there and then Ate Elena's older sister came by also to buy some Filipino foods. So, we had a great talk since all of us spoke the same dialect (Bisaya) Both of them were from Mindanao- Zamboaga and cagayan de Oro. It was great to meet them most especially to meet fe in person. I went to her house also after we bought stuffs from the Filipino Store and had lunch together. Thanks a lot Fe for being a friend! So here is the pic I took for us. Sorry guys it's a little blurry.

Me, Fe and her cute son Dustin with two other Pinays.


MarlyMS said...

wow that's nice lara ;)

Me, the islands and the world said...

my friend did that too..look for Pinays in her area and was relieved to find 2 of them. mingaw man pud gud sad.