Google Page Rank Update

Last night when hubby and I came home from a family dinner cook out at Canyon View Park. I checked my blog and got a message from Gigi through my tag board telling me to update my SEO stats widget and Page Rank Button widget because my PR had changed from PR2 to PR3. I was surprised to read her message and was glad she informed me. I wouldn't have know then if it were not for her. Thanks Gigi and thanks to Google for increasing my PR. I don't know if I deserved this but I hope other bloggers received PR for their websites/blogs also especially to those who deserve it most. Until now, I still wonder and even a lot of bloggers how Google ranks pages.


Me, the islands and the world said...

wow congrats for the higher PR. one of my blog's gone zero and as usual, i don't know why :( btw, please change my Url to www.pinaylighterside.com (Marites2)

Usa People Search said...

Google seem really dancing this few days.....congrat.

Arlene said...

congrats girl!

drivenwide said...

Oh yes, Google page ranking updated. I noticed a couple of days ago when one of my sites’ traffic levels suddenly increased to one-fifth of its previous level. I guess this got something to do with google's recent update. There’s nothing showing even on the Future Page Rank tool, and that usually goes haywire during an update. Our Ad sense revenues have more than doubled in the past couple of weeks, though, signaling that Google is already using the new PRs under the radar.
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