Registered Predators, beware of them!

Crime is everywhere it could happen anytime and everywhere. Hubby always reminds me to be aware and stay away from strangers even if I am home he always make sure that I locked all the doors at home and never opened them when someone I don’t know knocks on the door because criminals could be somewhere and we don’t know it can be someone in the neighborhood. It’s important to be aware and be alert who are these criminals even sex offenders whom I am really scared the most. Do you know that we could get access and find out who are the Sexual Predators living within our area? Yes, these sex offenders are registered online so people could be aware of them and be able to get away with them. Thanks to the federal bill called Megan’s Law that requires that the public to be kept informed of sexual predators and their whereabouts. Check registeredsexualpredators.com and find out more about it.

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