Who is this dog?

Tiger sniffing Bandit's tail. She thought there's another dog in the house.

This was one of Tiger's first reaction after we finally shaved Bandit. Yes, Bandit had his coat shaved already by hubby. We had him shaved almost bald, except for his paws and forehead. Well, it was hubby's first time to shave a dog but it turned out good. The clipper that we just bought was really a good one, it was very easy to use. Thank God Bandit was well behaved and so patient as hubby shaved him. He never complained, he was so submissive and we never have any problem keeping him still while hubby was shaving him. Tiger was watching the whole time when we shave Bandit and after we were done she never recognize Bandit because he looked so different with his short coat. Tiger thought it was another dog in the house. Ha,ha, it was really funny how Tiger reacted when she saw Bandit, she started sniffing and checking on Bandit probably wondering if it was Bandit or another dog in the house. When she sniffed Bandit and Bandit looked around and stared at her, Tiger just began to be so defensive and a bit scared because we could see her tail went up and fluffy and started to have the hissing sound as if she was attacked by August.

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