Clipper for Shaving pets

Hubby and I thought about having Bandit shave his hair because he sheds a lot. We thought about having it done through a petgrooming place like Petco or Petsmart but it would cost a lot since Bandit had a very thick long coat. The last time we check for how much would it cost was from 60-100 dollars depending on the size of the dog. Bandit is an 80 pounder dog, it would probably cost around a 100 dollars to have him shaved. So, hubby thought about just buying a clipper for shaving so he could just shave bandit instead of going to the petgrooming place every year. We shop around and looked for a good clipper that would work best for Bandit's thick long coat and we found one at Murhdocks. For the cost of 150 dollars, we won't be spending 60-100 dollars every year just to have him shaved. I think we got a very good deal about the clipper that we had bought. This clipper is called Golden A5 and it's a one speed clipper. It comes in a kit, it's not only for shaving dogs but it also works best in shaving horses.

It was a smart idea for hubby to get one and just do it himself- that is shave Bandit.

I wonder how bandit would look like after being shaved.

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