Happy to be home.....

Hubby and I were back from our Las Vegas trip Thursday night. It was a very long drive back home and I was so excited to see Bandit, Tiger and August again. Before we came back to the house we dropped by Walmart to buy Bandit's dog food because he was already out then we drove home and unpack some of our stuffs. Tiger was so glad to see us home but she was I think exhausted and traumatize by August because when we got in to the house I kept calling Tiger and wonder where she was at. August was in the living room sitting on the top of the couch. I ran to our bedroom right away and call for Tiger and she was meowing from under the bed and came out so scared but happy to see me. I knew that August had been mean to her the whole time we were not home. I guess Tiger was hiding under the bed the whole time and not even eating well because August might be in our bedroom too watching over Tiger to come out so she could attack her. What a mean cat! We decided to kept August out of the house the whole night. We put her food and water outside and just have her stay outside as her punishment. Hubby was so mad at her.
We went to Nichole's mother's house where Bandit was and pick him up. Bandit was so happy to see us and be back home. I was so glad to see him too.

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