Bandit's staying at other place

Hubby and I are going to Las Vegas for couple of days since he has 3 days off this week. This will be my first time to see Vegas and I am so excited but feels a little bit sad at the same time because I won't be seeing Bandit for a couple of days. Nichole my step-daughter just came by to pick Bandit up and take him to her mother's house since Nichole is staying at her mother this week. She is good at taking care of animals and we usually have Bandit stay there when Nichole is at her mother's place. I'm just glad to know that her mother which was hubby's ex is very considerate when it comes to taking Bandit to her house. I know Bandit will have a good time there because Lexi is there and another poodle dog named Prawns is there too.

So, it will be Tiger and August here in the house will just fill there automatice feeder with food and water and make sure that their litter box is clean before we left.

I'm sure I'm gonna miss my brats but will have more fun and enjoyable time with hubby in Vegas.

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