Practice Backing Up with a trailer

Today, hubby hooked up the old trailer to the truck so he could teach me and Nichole (step-daughter) practice how to drive and park the truck with a trailer. Since, Nichole has a horse and every now and then she has to take her horse to the Fairgrounds when she has a horse show. So, hubby wants us to learn how to drive the truck with a trailer so we could be able to take the horse incase he is not available.

We practice at a church parking lot nearby, it was really hard specially backing up the truck because with just a very slight move of the steering wheel the trailer would start to curve and if you steer the wrong way, the trailer would get crooked and end up in a wrong direction. Hubby thought I got it down right away when I tried to back up the truck straight but then suddenly the trailer began to go the wrong direction and I got confused which way to turn my steering wheel to correct it. Hmmmm, tried it many times but really need more practice to get it down.

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